Why the new Stephen Hawking 50p has caused a stir among collectors…

One of The Royal Mint’s most highly anticipated coins of the year has finally been released and it’s everything that the collecting world was hoping for…

Defining innovation in science, Stephen Hawking’s legacy will forever stand the test of time. As one of the world’s most extraordinary physicists, hisimmeasurable contribution to human understanding has earnt him a place on Official UK coinage for the very first time, and what a well-deserved place it is! 

Stephen Hawking and his landmark book A Brief History of Time – The Telegraph

For me, Stephen Hawking represents more than breakthrough scientific progress, his sharp wit and genuine passion made complex conceptsaccessible for everyone. Not to mention, his bestselling book A Brief History of Time has been translated into 35 languages and sold over 10 million copies in 20 years, inspiring an interest in science across the globe.

The Stephen Hawking 50p has literally JUST been released and it is set to be one of the most sought-after 50p coins of the decade, here’s why…

50p Coins are more collectable than ever

The biggest coin collecting craze in recent years has been the rise incommemorative 50p coins which celebrate everything from historical anniversaries and eminent public figures to the themes dominating popular culture. Now, as much as I adore the Peter Rabbit™ commemorative 50p’s, it is almost impossible to find a commemorative 50p with more significance than The Stephen Hawking 50p coin.

You will not find it in your change…

Unlike the majority of these coveted commemorative coins, the Stephen Hawking 50p won’t be entering circulation at all, meaning you will never stumble across it in your change. Now, if you love checking your change as much as I do, this might be disappointing, but for collectors, the demand for uncirculated coins is high and that makes the Stephen Hawking 50p a must-have collectable.

A 50p in good company

March 14th 2018 brought the tragic news of Stephen Hawking’s death. While the news sent the world of science, humour and progress into mourning, the release of this Stephen Hawking 50p has bestowed an incredibly rare honour upon him, one only shared with Winston Churchill and the Queen Mother; to have his life celebrated on UK coinage within one year of his death.

When it comes to collectability, rarity is fundamental and to be one of just three coins of this significance is incredibly important. What’s more, the Stephen Hawking 50p is the first coin in a brand-new Official UK coin series celebrating innovation in science so for scientists, academics and collectors, the entire series is a must-have and it is only fitting that Stephen Hawking should be at the forefront of your collection.

Iconic Design Approved by the Hawking Estate

Now, the coin’s design has been the source of endless speculation around the country and it has FINALLY been revealed! Featuring a simple yet clever depiction of a black hole, designer Edwina Ellis plays on Hawking’s invitation ‘to contemplate peering into a black hole before diving in’. It certainly doesn’t disappoint! What’s more, the coin’s design has beenofficially approved by the Hawking estate, making it all the more collectable.

The coin has also been issued in Gold and Silver Proof in extremely limited editions of just 400 and 5,500 respectively, as well as Brilliant Uncirculated! Now given the sell-out history of Gold and Silver Proof commemorative 50p coins, it’s fair to say that these will be snapped up in no time at all so if you want to get hold of one of those, I hope you’re already in the queue!

If you’re interested…

The coin is already in such high demand but we have managed to secure a small number of Brilliant Uncirculated coins for collectors and fans. Today, you can own the Stephen Hawking 50p in a limited edition capsule presentation with exclusive, original artwork.

This is one of the only ways to own this coin and with a strict edition limit of just 995, they are bound to sell out in no time at all.

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