Top 5 Stephen Hawking Collectables – selling for £1.8m at auction!

Personal items owned by the man who unlocked secrets of time and space sold for £1.8m

The brilliant theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking once asked the question: “What makes human beings unique? 

Here at Collectology we know one thing that makes us really unique is our love of collecting.

Professor Hawking, who died just a year ago, would probably agree. Twenty-two of his personal items, including academic papers and personal items sold at the end of 2018 for a staggering £1.8million.

Included was Professor Hawking’s first electric wheelchair which sold at auction for a mind-blowing £300,000. It had been expected to fetch a mere £15,000. The money from the sale went to two separate charities.

Sky News

This is proof that personal artefacts linked to Professor Hawking will have value that can only increase with time.

Here are five items that inspired collectors to wade into the star-studded auction of Stephen Hawking items and surprisingly it was not his wheelchair that hit the “jackpot”…

1. The great man’s 1965 Cambridge University thesis, Properties of Expanding Universes, sold for an astonishing £584,750. That was more than three times its pre-sale estimate. 

2. Stephen Hawking was highly-decorated for his outstanding contributions to our understanding of space and time. A nest of his academic medals, including The Eddington Medal awarded by the Royal Astronomical Society sold for £300,000.


3. The electric wheelchair raised £300,000 which went towards research into Motor Neurone Disease. Professor Hawking was the most famous sufferer of the condition.


4. A single copy of Hawking’s best-selling book A Brief History of Time signed with his thumb-print in 1988 netted a cool £68,750.

5. Professor Hawking made several celebrity guest appearances in the cartoon The Simpsons so it was fitting that his own script from one of the shows attracted attention from collectors. It sold for nearly £7,000.


In total, there were 22 items in the sale and the final tally was reported at a ‘cosmic’ £1.824,375! It’s likely there will be more items associated with the great man for auction in the future.

Watch this space!

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