5 Marvel Collectables worth some serious money!

The kudos of owning a rare edition of a Marvel comic or action character made in the seventies has soared since the death of Stan Lee the genius behind the cult of the superhero.

Millions of Marvel comics fans round the world felt like they had lost a family friend when Stan Lee, the creator of Spiderman, The Hulk, Iron Man and Fantastic Four and many others, died in 2018.

Since then, there has been a “Marvel-fest” of branded goodies from figurines and rare comics and even T-shirts changing hands for eye-watering prices, especially in the USA.

Here’s 5 that will amaze and fascinate you!

1. Spiderman debut issue sold for almost half a million dollars

Source: The Sun 

The final 1960s issue of Amazing Fantasy (Number 15) dated on the cover for 1962, introduced us to Stan Lee’s favourite superhero character – Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man.

The first-time appearance of any successful comic character bumps up the value but did anyone expect that Amazing Fantasy issue 15 would sell for a not-so-friendly-or-neighbourly on the wallet, £350,000 ($454,100).

2.The Avengers Comic Book that sold for £215,000

In Autumn 1963, The Avengers, emerged from Stan Lee’s mind and assembled for the first time! It was to become arguably the most lucrative film franchise in history.

The Avengers issue Number One in which the characters all appeared on the same page sold for a reported £215,000 ($274,850).

Source: Marvel.com

3. Stan Funkos toys no joke at £45,000

Source: ebay.com

He was noted for having the biggest smile in New York so when 1,000 Stan Lee figurines were produced they were snapped up immediately and treasured as a tribute for Stan’s artistic life. They rarely come up for sale.

According to Marvel comics expert Michael Wahba on The Gamer website, one of those original figurines of Stan and would cost a fortune: “Who would not want to own a rare collectable item commemorating one of the greatest storytellers of modern times?” said Mike.

Putting a potential price on the figurines is not easy but recently a pair of gold and silver novelty Funkos likenesses of Stan Lee, and signed by Stan, went on eBay for £45,000 ($60,000). Makes you think!

4. Tall story of the £15,000 Hulkbuster

Source: The Jakarta Post

There is a story doing the rounds on the Internet that a Hulkbuster is on the loose. As all Marvel, superhero fans will know Hulkbusters were part of a task force built to capture or neutralise the Hulk. It made its film debut in 2015 in Avengers: Age of the Ultron and it goes head-to-head in battle with Hulk. A Taiwanese company made a brilliant ten-feet tall version for sale to would-be buyers.

This monster might take up too much space in the living room, but what a sight in a club or a disco. It would certainly grab some attention for an investor with a spare £15,000.

5.Sue Storm figurine was out a sight!

Source: MWCToys.com

Sometimes figurines can be so funny as well as collectable. Toy manufacturers had a dilemma when it came to Sue Storm – one of the Fantastic Four. Sue Storm has the power to become invisible but how do you portray invisibility in a character? In the eighties, they made an attempt. One fan and avid collector saw the funny side and described it as making even a Barbie doll look healthy.

When I looked on-line to value this version I found nothing. I suspect today it would be worth at least £2,000, possibly more, but for the moment this charming Sue Storm is definitely out of sight.

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