An icon turns 50! The 50p Commemorative Collection that no collector should go without…

1969 was a pinnacle year for pioneering innovation in Britain; the QE2 took to the seas, Concorde took to the skies and the world’s first seven-sided coin took the numismatic world to new heights…

In place of the ten-shilling note and in preparation for the decimal switchover, the 50p coin was introduced and very quickly became the nation’s favourite coin. Chosen to commemorate everything from historical events and eminent public figures to iconic themes from popular culture, the 50p denomination has become a collectable sensation, revolutionising the way the nation checks their change!

As its 50th birthday approaches, I have been looking back over the last 5 decades of commemorative 50p coins in awe of the countless reverse variations intricately designed to represent the most important parts of British life. It looks like I’m not alone in my mint musings, as The Royal Mint have carefully curated a collection of 5 iconic 50p coins with retrospective designs taken from the last 50 years in celebration of the best of British culture.

Despite my initial devastation that neither of the 2018 Paddington 50p coins were selected, I had a look at the coins that were chosen and I must admit, they complement this milestone birthday perfectly. Here’s why these coins are the perfect tribute to a pocket icon and why they are the must-have collector coins of the year

The most sought-after design on UK coinage

With a mintage of just 210,000, the 2009 Kew Gardens 50p is the rarest 50p coin in circulation and for that reason, its design is one of the most internationally renowned of all commemorative reverse designs. Issued in celebration of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, one of London’s four World Heritage Sites, the coin’s low mintage has made it one of the most coveted coins in the collecting world; to the extent that the vast majority have been snapped up and taken out of circulation altogether!

Of course, no prestigious 50p collection would be complete without the iconic Kew Gardens design and this new-issue 2019-dated Kew Gardens 50p is the ultimate tribute to 50 years of the 50p!

A Celebration of Culture

From sporting achievement to the charitable organisations at the heart of British youth culture, the 5 meticulously selected designs all pay tribute to various aspects of British society.

The collection features a new-issue Roger Bannister 50p, first issued in 2004 to commemorate the first sub-four minute mile and paying tribute to our intrinsic passion for sport and its ability to unite and inspire the nation. Alongside it sits the new-issue Scouting 50p and the new-issue Girlguiding 50p, originally issued in 2007 and 2010 respectively to mark the centenaries of two pioneering organisations which provide opportunity and adventure to young people across the country, shaping the future of Great Britain.

The final coin in the collection is a new-issue release of the original 1969 New Pence 50p, the first of its kind. Featuring Britannia, the definitive emblem of the United Kingdom, designed by Christopher Ironside, the coin symbolises the start of what would become the biggest coin collecting craze the country has ever seen…

A Sell-Out Sensation

The Royal Mint have issued this 50 years of the 50p collection in Gold, Silver Proof and Proof quality as well as Brilliant Uncirculated and, incredibly, the Gold, Silver Proof and Proof versions SOLD OUT at the mint in no time at all!

Collector demand for precious metal coins and those with a high-quality finish (superior to that of circulation coins) has soared in recent years, with the mint seeing more and more proof sell-outs! Now, although I love finding new coin designs in my change, there is something incredibly special about an uncirculated, unblemished coin to keep for generations to come.

You might be too late to secure a Gold or Silver Proof version of this collection but there is still time to secure the coins struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated finish, just don’t hang about because who knows how long these will be around…

If you’re interested…

The 50 years of the 50p collection is already in very high demand and we have managed to secure a small number of Brilliant Uncirculated coins to create a stunning, limited edition capsule presentation for our collectors. Each of the commemorative 50p coins have been mounted within exclusive artwork and encapsulated within a tamper-proof capsule to preserve their pristine condition for years to come. The set will come presented in a deluxe presentation case, complete with an individually numbered certificate of authenticity to confirm your set’s place within the strict edition limit.

This exclusive 50 years of the 50p Capsule Edition Set is limited to just 2,019 presentations worldwide.  

This is one of the most unique and limited ways to own the commemorative collection and the entire edition limit is bound to sell out before you know it…

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