5 Superstars that have the collecting bug!

Curious collections that you won’t believe!

They say that 1 in 3 people collect something but here at Collectology we think it’s a much greater proportion than that!

For the football fan who collects team memorabilia, it’s a way to display team loyalty!  

For the stamp or coin collector it might be the joy of holding something rare!

Everyone collects something even celebrities! 

We could ask, if it’s in everybody’s nature to collect, thenwhat do the famous and successful like to collect?

Well we’ve done some research and here’s five of our favourites

1.Tom is a keyboard warrior

Source: California Typewriter

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” But if your name is Tom Hanks you will hope for at least a classic but obsolete typewriter.

Tom is an avid collector of traditional typewriters. He is often asked why he loves them but it’s hard to pin him down.  He is reported to have 150+ typewriters at his office, but he keeps one by the phone at home and uses it to write notes to friends.

He once said: “What you have there is essentially a word processing machine that you can use every day, that you will never lose the data, and can never be hacked by the forces of evil. And all you have to remember to do is load the paper, bash the keys put what you type into an envelope. Then hand it over to the people you love, or stick it in the mail.”

2. Dig Depp and find a Barbie 

Barbie has just turned 50 and she’s attracted lots of extra publicity around her birthday.  I suppose Johnny Depp joined in the celebrations because he apparently has an interesting collection of Barbies. He told one interviewer they help him when it comes to characterisation in the tough roles he plays.

Depp has said he will dress and accessorise his collection according to what is going on in show business news. There’s even a doll of Johnny Depp in the collection!

3. Rod loves his baby trains

Model train sets seem to be a big thing with Rock Stars. Step up to the platform Roger Daltry, Phil Collins and Neil Young. All three have featured extensively in the media on this topic.

Sir Rod Stewart has built a 100ft model railway and he has made a film about it. It features, talking conductors and air-conditioned skyscrapers.

And the set-up at his Beverly Hills home has also wowed fellow enthusiasts with its 1:87 scale model of New York’s Grand Central Station. Rod said: “I have made a really great film I am hoping it will be on Sky Arts. It is all finished now. When you see this, everyone’s going to go ‘wow’.”  To misquote the lyrics on one of his biggest hits.  “Baby train don’t leave me hanging on the line”

4. Nicole spins old coins

Mega star Nicole Kidman has a fascination for ancient coins and it has been reported that she collects them avidly.

It’s a hobby she shares with three former US Presidents, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D Roosevelt, John Quincy Adams. Even Tony Blair the former Prime Minster has a set of Russian coins sent as a gift!

5. A bag-atelle for Sex in the City’s SJP

New York based paparazzi speculate that Sarah Jessica Parker, the star of TV’s Sex in the City dresses down every day to make it harder for them to sell the photos of her. She often legs it across New York in jeans and uggs.

One thing she doesn’t skimp on, according to website Purseblog, is her handbag choice.

She usually is seen carrying a fabulous bag. Celeb watchers speculate that she has an entire wardrobe packed with high-end fashion bags.

Once she was seen carrying two bags at once Fendi 2Jours Tote Tod’s Signature Large Tote.

That’s some collection!

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