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The world of numismatic collectables is constantly evolving and recent years have seen a shift in the types of coins that collectors are searching for. Whilst classic coins, annual releases and new-issue commemoratives are all staple additions to any collection, modern minting techniques, using incredible, advanced technology known as SmartMinting, have allowed us to push boundaries and set new and exciting standards for minting, breathing new life into age-old coin collections.

With exquisite detail, ultra-high relief strikes and rare finishing techniques, the possibilities available in contemporary coin minting are endless and collectors around the world are turning to coins that eschew the standard flat format to achieve that genuine centrepiece WOW factor.

Now, I am always so excited to source the newest and most collectable coins here at Collectology and this Spectacular Coins range showcases the latest revolutionary technology perfectly. From Swarovski crystals to world-firsts, the range is truly incredible, with something to adorn any collection, large or small.

If you didn’t manage to catch our Spectacular Coins show, you can check it out here>>

but without further ado, here is a rundown of the range and why these pieces are just what your collection has been missing…

The world’s first-ever Spherical Moon Coin in Pure Silver

This striking coin is a genuine world-first; a 360-degree spherical coin, issued to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. The coin features an indented footprint on a cratered antique-effect surface which brings the surface of the moon to life with an ultra-high relief effect.

The coat of arms of the issuing country, is another stunning authentic aspect of the coin for both its inclusion and highly innovative hydrographic technology known as ‘Water Transfer Printing’ used to achieve it. What’s more, all these pioneering minting techniques have been struck from one ounce of pure silver, making it exceptionally unique and highly collectable.

Now, so often is the case that these state-of-the-art coins are hidden away to avoid any damage or deterioration but this Spherical Moon coin comes presented in a floating frame, allowing an almost 360 degree visual of this masterpiece without any risk of tarnishing the coin.

It is fair to say that coins like this are incredibly hard to come by, largely due to the intricate skill and craftsmanship required to execute such a stunning finish. In fact, just 1,969 of these coins have been issued worldwide and given the significance of this anniversary year and the advanced technology used to achieve it, this is sure to be the collector coin of choice to mark arguably the greatest achievement of mankind.

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The ULTRA high-relief Coin struck to an extremely rare Black Proof finish!

Next up, we have the coin that experts in the field have all been talking about, the Black Proof Anchor Coin. In one of the finest examples of the infinite possibilities of SmartMinting, the technology used to create the high relief and Black proof finish effect is enormously advanced and pieces like this are rare. In fact, Black Proof coins have a history of selling out extremely quickly because of their rarity – collectors snap them up as soon as they’re available.

The design features a protruding anchor in the finest silver which glistens beautifully in the light. This is contrasted powerfully by the striking black proof finish which is particularly rare and coveted by collectors far and wide.

This is the perfect addition to a refined collection with a particularly sophisticated feel to it. Plus, the Black Proof Anchor Coin has been issued by the Cook Islands and given its important seafaring history, this element gives the coin a storytelling quality, reminiscent of the voyages of James Cook himself, who first sailed the southern seas.

The coin comes presented in a deluxe wooden presentation box, designed to mimic a classic ship porthole and preserve its flawless finish and allow the coin to be displayed with pride.

With just 999 of these issued worldwide and only 5 currently available at Collectology, these will not be around for long. Find out more about it here>>

Own the coin with a sell-out history and a REAL Swarovski crystal

There are few coins which are both stunning and eerie simultaneously but this Crystal Skull Coin is just that! Designed to feature a metallic blue Swarovski crystal in the shape of a skull against the backdrop of a blood moon and a fiery sea, the coin captures the mood of its story perfectly in ultra-high relief!

We have repeatedly seen that coins featuring Swarovski crystals are in high demand amongst collectors for the extra dimension they provide and the beauty of the crystal itself. In fact, coins featuring Swarovski Crystals tend to sell-out extremely quickly.  What’s more the selective use of vivid colour provides a powerful contrast to give this coin a truly stunning finish…

The coin has been struck from pure silver and has been finished to a rare black proof standard adding to its distinctive look and feel. What’s more this particular coin is the second in a series of crystal skull coins, with the 2018 version completely selling out at the mint! A sell-out history combined with the technical sophistication of the minting process makes this the perfect collector coin, made even better by its tiny edition limit!

Just 1,750 of these 2019 Crystal Skull coins have been minted worldwide and we currently have just 30 for our collectors. A piece like this is sure to be a talking point and will not be around for long. If you want to get hold of one, you will need to be quick.

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The seashell coin you won’t find washed up on the beach!

Now, this is my personal favourite coin in the range for its elaborate detail, stunning colour and incredibly realistic design. It is said that to listen closely to a seashell is to listen to the sounds of the sea and if you were to find one of these washed up on a shore, you would think nothing more than to do the same! It looks just like a real seashell!

However, this stunning piece is actually legal tender from the beautiful island of Fiji! This really does epitomise the state-of-the-art minting available to modern coinage with a combined process of fine striking and colourisation creating a finished piece as vibrant and authentic as this one.

Again, the coin has been struck from the purest silver to a proof finish, giving it a much better quality than those in circulation, for which 10,000 have been minted.

What I love most about this piece is the original packaging which accompanies this weird and wonderful coin, taking the form of a woven wicker beach mat with a quirky travel tag style Certificate of Authenticity.

We currently have just 100 of these Silver Proof Castaway Seashell coins available for collectors and they are such an affordable addition to any collection. These have already been very popular and they won’t be around for long…

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The Silver Coin featuring a REAL piece of meteorite

The naked eye alone can see that the methods used to strike and finish this coin are nothing short of ground-breaking

The SmartMinting techniques used to create this finish include high-impact strikes to subtly puncture the face of the coin crater and this would have been a very difficult feat to achieve! More than that, this coin is not just an example of radical minting but in fact a genuine piece of space science…

The coin features a REAL fragment from an actual Moroccan meteorite and has been adorned with partial colour applications and copper plating to reflect the Moroccan desert from which it was sourced.

Beneath the stunning colouring detail, this coin has been struck from the finest silver, making the high impact strike all the more impressive! The effigy of QEII is depicted on the obverse in a way that does not detract from the remarkable effect of the finished piece.

Just 2,500 of these have been issued worldwide and as the latest and most spectacular in a sell-out series, it is guaranteed that this too will be a sell-out sensation!

Of all the coins you see this year, few will captivate collectors quite like this and you do not want to miss out.

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If you saw the show, I’m sure you’ll agree that words cannot do this range justice and regardless of whether you prefer traditional or contemporary collections, it is undeniable that these SmartMinting techniques are quite something to behold and there is room for one in every collection!

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