Revealed: our Top 5 Movie Collectables that are must-haves for film buffs!

There is no set formula to spark a collectable craze and we are constantly fascinated by the latest collector trends sweeping the nation! However, something that is guaranteed is the growing popularity of collectables marking the most iconic movie moments!

From James Bond to Harry Potter to Marvel and every corner of the imagination in between, we find ourselves captivated by memorabilia commemorating our Silver Screen favourites and let’s face it – we all have them!

Now, I am lucky enough to spend my days sourcing the most unique and distinctive collector pieces and some of my all-time favourites have got to be those which transport me into my very favourite films. Of course, there is no way we can see the weirdest and most wonderful cinematic collectables without sharing them with you so we have curated a range of our top 5 movie collectables, capturing the most legendary films from the last century.

Without further ado here’s why demand for movie collectables is so high and why my top 5 fit the bill perfectly…

The ultimate tribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Now, we re-visit the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in a stunning philatelic tribute to its most iconic superheroes!

Earlier this year, to mark the 80th birthday of Marvel Comics which has evolved into the highest grossing film franchise of all time, Royal Mail issued a brand-new stamp release, celebrating the heroes at the heart of its success. This stunning commemorative set features six undeniable favourites; Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Thor and Black Panther.

These stunning new-issue stamps have been designed by British Marvel Artist Alan Davis in brilliant colour and feature never-before-seen interpretations of your favourite heroes. Plus, in the world of philatelic collecting, the postmark is everything! For this set, the stamps have been postmarked with the first date of issue– 14th March 2019 at Shield Row, Stanley in a poignant tribute to Marvel legend Stan Lee.

This really does have all the makings of a first class collectable and for Marvel fans, stamp collectors and film buffs, this is a must-have!

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Official Royal Mail Harry Potter stamps HAND-SIGNED by a Harry Potter STAR!

Coming next, we have an Official Royal Mail Stamp release, enchanting the nation with our favourite world of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Harry Potter. This exclusive capsule edition features five OFFICIAL Royal Mail 1st class Hogwarts Professors stamps, hand mounted alongside the hand-written signature of the iconic Miriam Margolyes, or as we all know and love her, Professor Sprout.

As one of the highest grossing film series of all time, a Harry Potter collectable was a natural choice for the range. The stamps were issued in 2018 to honour the critically acclaimed global phenomenon that is Harry Potter and they have spellbound Potterheads like me around the globe!

The stamps feature some of the most iconic Hogwarts professors including Lupin and Snape, to name a few, and have been hand-mounted alongside Miriam Margolyes’ hand-written autograph in a limited edition presentation. In fact, just 500 of these original presentations have been issued worldwide, making them exceptionally rare. In fact this is actually one of the most limited ways to own the stamps!  

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The incredible superhero figurines hand-crafted from high-quality Pewter

Of course, what collector range is complete without a figurine or two? Produced in official collaboration with Marvel Comics and just missing a place on the podium, we have the most stunning assortment of miniature figurines depicting the most treasured superheroes of all time…

From Spiderman to Thor, everyone has a favourite superhero and these miniature figurines have been hand-crafted from the finest quality Pewter, by the experts at Royal Selangor, to create your favourite in exquisite detail. The unparalleled precision involved in crafting these pieces means that each figurine features stunning attention to detail in a fun-sized take on the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Collector demand for unique Marvel collectables is soaring with the growing popularity of the films and pieces like this are very sought-after. What’s more, each figurine comes in an Officially Licensed box, making it all the more collectable.

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Own an ORIGINAL Marvel Comic in a one of a kind framed edition…

We’re sticking with the Marvel Universe for 2nd place with the Ultimate Framed Edition featuring the Marvel Stamps!

We collectors love a colourful and eye-catching framed presentation, adoring the walls our homes and offices with pride. For Marvel fans, comic book fanatics and stamp collectors, this is not one to miss, a truly original piece!

From Royal Mail’s official 2019 Marvel release, this striking A3 framed edition features an original and exclusive comic book story in the form of five new-issue stamps! This original presentation has excited collectors around the country with never-before-seen illustrative artwork by artist Alan Davis and that all important first-day-of-issue postmark!

Plus, the stamps are accompanied by an authentic Marvel Comic meaning that every single edition is totally one of a kind! This edition allows you to choose your comic from a range of iconic superheroes, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk and Captain Marvel meaning you can customise your very own limited edition frame!

I cannot get enough of these stunning stamps, presented beautifully with a contrasting, classic black frame. What’s more, as far as collectables go, this is extremely affordable and has been considered the perfect way to kick-start the collection of a young marvel fan or add to an already matured collection!

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The most detailed Bond figurine you will ever see…

When it came to it, there really was only one contender for the top spot, the collectable that left us all shaken and stirred – the James Bond Sean Connery Goldfinger Figure.

Now, James Bond is arguably the most iconic British film series ever released, standing the test of time and becoming a genuine national treasure. Bond collectables are one of the most competitive thematic collector markets around the world and this is hands down the most detailed Bond figure I have ever seen…

Depicting the most legendary Bond of all, Sean Connery, in the academy award winning Goldfinger, this really is the ultimate movie collectable. Crafted in meticulous detail by the experts at BIG Chief Studios, this fully realised model is authentically styled to include everything from his Mint Julep drink to his tailored grey suit- the detail is honestly astounding!

We are in awe and you will be too! Just 1,300 of these fully licensed figures exist worldwide, largely due to the incredible craftsmanship involved in creating them. Bond fandom is a worldwide phenomenon and pieces like this are few and far between so in terms of collectability, this piece wins the gold-medal!

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The variety of movie collectables out there is astounding and it has been so hard to whittle it down to just 5! However, from stamps with that crucial first-day-of-issue postmark, to limited edition autographs, hand-crafted pewter and James Bond fandom, there is something for everyone in this range!

If you didn’t manage to catch our Top 5 Movie Collectables Show, you can watch it here and I hope you’ll agree, these pieces are truly stunning!

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