Revealed: The most unique and limited D-Day commemoratives, 75 years on…

Few moments in history truly define a time and shape the future conclusively; the D-Day Landings of June 1944 is one of those moments. On 6th June, the largest sea, air and land offensive in history was carried out by Allied forces in the form of Operation Overlord or, as we all know it, the D-Day Landings.

The landings required unparalleled secrecy and careful planning to establish a foothold on mainland Europe and begin to turn the tide of the Second World War. Logistically, the operation seemed ambitious at best and near impossible at worst, incorporating thousands of military personnel and millions of tonnes of supplies. However, thanks to a triad of deception, leadership and skill, the offensive was successful and marked the beginning of the end of German-occupied Europe.

75 years on, the enormity of the mission has not been forgotten and remains etched in our history. In honour of this poignant anniversary, we have curated a range of stunning D-Day commemorative collectables to pay tribute to the thousands of Allied forces, military masterminds and key resources which proved central to the operation.

Of all our collectables ranges, this is definitely the one I am most proud of because of its momentous historic importance. Here is my run-down of the range and exactly what makes these pieces so special and so highly sought-after…

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The hand-signed D-Day Leaders £2 Coin Set – just 250 available…

For collectors of coins, autographed artwork or military history, this is one for you! The D-Day Leaders £2 Coin Set has been hand-signed by renowned military artist Tim O’Brien and commemorates three of the most notable names driving the D-Day mission; Sir Winston Churchill, King George VI and Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.

Featuring three brand-new official British Isles £2 coins, each designed with the effigy of one of these resilient leaders, encircled by iconic words taken from their most famous speeches of the time. The coins have been struck to a Brilliant Uncirculated finish, highlighting the craftsmanship of the unmistakable designs in a superior collector quality.

The coins sit within an exclusive artist’s interpretation of the operation by renowned military artist Tim O’Brien, portraying the beach landings in vivid, full-colour. This piece is extra special because it features the hand-written signature of the artist himself and we are constantly finding that the collecting world is drawn to autographed artwork, with the collection of artist’s signatures a growing market in itself.

The finish of this piece is incredibly striking, sitting within a deluxe black presentation case and complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity, confirming that just 250 of these signed presentations have been issued worldwide!

Whether your collection is full of brand-new coins, military history commemoratives or autographed art, this piece really does have everything you look for in a collectable.

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Hold a piece of history in your hands with the D-Day Historic Coins capsule edition set – limited to just 995…

For me, there is something really special about sourcing historic coins for our collectors because of the nostalgia they evoke and the sense that you are holding a piece of history in your hands!

 The D-Day Anniversary Historic Coin Set is the perfect example of this, paying tribute to Great Britain’s Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and the US Supreme Allied Commander in Europe at the time of the D-Day Landings; Dwight Eisenhower.

So what makes these two coins especially collectable this anniversary year? Here’s what…

The 1965 Churchill Crown

  • The first coin to feature anyone outside of the Royal Family
  • Issued in 1965, making Churchill one of just three figures to have been commemorated on official UK coinage within one year of their death
  •  The most famous crown ever issued!

The 1971 Eisenhower Silver Dollar

  • This is a first-year-of-issue release, making it incredibly collectable.
  • Sourcing US coins from outside of America is exceptionally difficult as the US coin collecting market is one of the most competitive, globally!
  • Issued in stunning silver

The coins have been encapsulated with words taken from their respective speeches in tamper-proof casing to preserve the condition of these historic coins and finished with a deluxe presentation case and a numbered certificate of authenticity. Now, there are just 995 of these sets worldwide so if there is such a thing as collector gold-dust, this is it!

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The ultimate D-Day collector’s commemorative

If working in the world of collectables has taught me anything, it is that commemoratives combining Royal Mail Stamp and Royal Mint Coin releases are some of the most popular out there!

  • Featuring the brand-new D-Day £2 coin, the only official UK coin to commemorate this 75th anniversary year.
  • All our previous editions of this £2 coin have SOLD OUT
  • Including five new-issue Royal Mail stamps depicting the five code-named beaches central to the Normandy Landings.
  • The stamps have been officially postmarked with the first date of issue -6th June 2019
  • Postmarked at Southwick, Fareham which homed the headquarters of Operation Overlord!

The coins and stamps are preserved within tamper-proof capsules and kept safe within a presentation case, accompanied by its numbered certificate of authenticity. Just 2,019 of these sets have been issued, marking the anniversary year, and they are bound to be popular.

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The Newspaper Book you will not be able to put down

I am completely fascinated by historic newspaper reports and their ability to bring a single point in time back to life. It looks as though I’m not alone in this as commemorative newspaper books have become incredibly popular in recent years, remembering everything from football’s finest moments to the history of the Royal Air Force.

Featuring 120 A3-sized pages of unparalleled insight, the D-Day Landings Anniversary Newspaper book covers everything from the enormity of the Berlin bombing campaign to the first liberated French town and all of the forgotten moments in between. Bursting with articles and accounts of the events before, during and after the D-Day Landings, this D-Day Newspaper book is truly remarkable and the perfect coffee table adornment.

For me, this piece is a first class collectable, bound in premium black leather with gold embossing and complete with a luxury presentation case to preserve its immaculate condition. What’s more the option to personalise your copy makes this a genuinely one of a kind keepsake.

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Own your very own D-Day Spitfire – replicated in incredible detail…

Recent years have seen a huge increase in collector demand for unique and eye catching model replicas and this intricate Supermarine Spitfire XIV Model Replica is exactly the sort of thing collectors and looking for.

Issued by Corgi Classics, leaders in their field, this stunning replica has been exclusively die cast and intricately designed to include everything from rotatable propellers, detailed crew figures and armament to the iconic markings and colourings of a genuine D-Day Spitfire.

The Spitfire was considered to be the finest fighter aircraft of the Second World War, unmatched in speed and accuracy and defining the aerodynamic engineering of the Allied operation. Today, just 30 Spitfires remain airworthy but they remain a powerful reminder of a bygone era and for that reason, a firm favourite amongst collectors.

Just 1,100 of these Spitfire model replicas have been issued worldwide, especially for this anniversary year making them incredibly rare in terms of classic model replicas and a stunning tribute to the fighter of the moment, 75 years ago.

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As the years go on, the magnitude of the D-Day mission does not diminish and these commemoratives continue to pay tribute to an epic part of our history, never to be forgotten.

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