A safe bet that Peter Pan collectables will never lose their magic

Peter Pan is 115-years-old. That’s obviously a remarkable age, especially for a boy whose stated ambition was to never grow-up.

JM Barrie’s famous fantasy character, who took members of the Darling family on an unforgettable adventure from Kensington to Neverland, will be an essential feature of bedtime stories as long as children exist.

Author’s Pan-tastic gesture to hospital

For decades Peter Pan and his friends and enemies have inspired generations of authors, artists and screen writers but JM Barrie’s legacy goes far beyond that…

In 1929, JM Barrie gifted his rights in Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Hospital, since raising millions of pounds in royalties for the children’s charity. This generous gift sealed the future of Peter Pan into children’s lives forever.

When the copywrite on Peter Pan was due to expire in 1987, the then Prime Minster Jim Callaghan, stepped in and passed an historic law which gave the hospital Peter Pan rights in perpetuity. This had never happened in any other case of UK copywrite on intellectual commercial property. 

Peter Pan collectables thriving in forever land

Meanwhile Peter Pan merchandising products and spin-offs have huge appeal to collectors. Mugs, T-shirts, clothing, jewellery, key rings, toys are just some of the myriad of items which Pan lovers collect and treasure.  Any vintage items from the 1920s and 30s are particularly sought after.

The Disneyfication of Peter Pan, which started in the 1950s created a whole new supply of movie-related Neverland memorabilia and give Peter Pan and whole new legacy. I wonder what Sir James Barrie would make of it all if he were around today?

Peter Pan collectors will have their favourite items, but here are six that caught my eye.

Peter Pan bronze sold for £60,000

Source: BBC News

Three years ago, a bronze sculpture of Peter Pan sold in Edinburgh for £60,000 – double its estimated value. The figure – a smaller version of the Peter Pan statue in that has stood in London’s Kensington Gardens since 1912, commissioned by Barrie himself and made by renowned sculptor Sir George Frampton.

Funko Pan-omenon worth £200

Source: eBay

A “retired” three inch Funko Peter Pan figurine can be found on line for more than £200. They were bought originally for about £6.

Enjoy some Smee time

Source: Charles Scott Gallery

A free hand pencil drawing dating from the classic Disney 1953 production of the character Mr Smee was recently valued at £198 by the Charles Scott gallery

Pioneering role for Nina

English actress Nina Boucicault  was the first to play the role of Peter Pan. That was in 1905 on stage at The Duke of York Theatre.

Nina helped set up the tradition that, in live productions, Peter is always played by a woman. This autographed photograph of Nina is on sale on-line for a bargain £160.

Why Fairy Dust became a must!

For health and safety reasons Barrie introduced  Fairy Dust into the storyline. Originally Peter and the Lost Boys could fly unaided, but after reports of children injuring themselves attempting to fly off their beds, Fairy Dust became a necessary factor for flying.

If anyone sees a little Fairy Dust on ebay please email me. I’ll make a bid.

The world’s first EVER Peter Pan 50p

I am SO excited to finally reveal the world’s first EVER Peter Pan 50p coins released in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity!

There are not one but SIX Official British Isles coins each featuring your favourite characters – of course, Peter Pan and the Darling Children, Tinkerbell, Wendy, Captain Hook, the Crocodile and Peter Pan on his own and is accompanied by an iconic quote from Peter Pan author, JM Barrie’s original tale. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to own your favourite presentation, to be gifted or passed from generation to generation of Peter Pan fans as it continues to change the lives of children for the better!

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