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Since the 1960’s, Spider-Man has become Marvel’s flagship superhero. From the Amazing Fantasy series in the Silver Age of comic books to the latest MCU Silver Screen release, it is fair to say that Spider-Man has earnt his cult status.

Collectology HQ has been alive with talk of all things Spider-Man today with half the office heading to the midnight showing of Spider-Man: Far From Home! So, in celebration of Spider-Man’s enduring popularity and to mark the release of the 8th Spider-Man film, we’ve curated a range of Spider-Man collector pieces just for you and it’s finally here!

If you didn’t manage to catch our Spider-Man collectables show, you can catch the whole thing here>>

And if you did, I hope you’ll agree there is something for everyone in this impressive range! Let’s take a look…

Own Spider-Man’s Mask – as a coin! Struck from Pure Silver and limited to JUST 5,000 worldwide!

Now, a mintage of 5,000 in the world of collecting is nothing, especially when you consider the worldwide popularity of our favourite webslinging hero. So why so few?

The truth is a coin as technologically advanced as this is incredibly difficult to strike with hardly any mints even capable of striking them! For that reason, a perfect strike of a coin like this too rare for a high mintage.

So, what’s so special about this strike?

  • The coin has been struck with specialist presses repeatedly to achieve its ultra-high-relief. This 3 dimensional result elevates the coin’s level of detail, bringing the coin to life in both look and feel!
  • The antique finish of the coin is exceptionally rare. With a distinct and very attractive finish, antiqued coins are never on the market for long. Plus, this stand-out effect means there is no danger of tarnishing it when it is held or displayed!
  • Let’s not forget, this stunning coin is struck from pure silver which makes its advanced minting technology all the more exclusive!

For me, attention to detail is everything when it comes to collectability and the fact that even the certificate of authenticity has been crafted from Pure Silver makes this a truly premium piece. Housed in a gloss lacquer case and officially licensed by Marvel, this is the most impressive Spider-Man coin I have ever seen.

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A stand-out Spider-Man figurine, crafted by world-renowned experts…

Having worked closely with distinguished Petwersmiths Royal Selangor before, I knew that their Spider-Man Webslinging figure would be quite something to behold, but I wasn’t expecting this…

Celebrated for their intricate detail, Royal Selangor pieces are amongst the most elaborate and unique out there. With a rich history dating back to 1885, the combination of heritage and craftsmanship that goes into all of their pieces is unmatched.

Designed by internationally respected comic artists, it is no surprise that the precise detail of the figure is second to none. This iconic design has been brought to life through the casting of purified high-quality pewter, hand polished and finished with the finest care.

We all know that when it comes to collectables, licensed pieces are the most authentic and this stunning figure has been officially approved by Marvel! Undoubtedly, this is the sophisticated piece to make your collection stand out from the crowd and we currently only have 8 in stock!

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The one-of-a kind Spider-Man Framed Edition…

It is unusual for any collectable to be truly one of a kind, but this is about as close as it gets…

Earlier this year, Royal Mail issued a collection of official Marvel stamps and in terms of Royal Mail releases, it doesn’t get bigger than this. As the highest grossing film franchise of all time, it is unsurprising that these stamps went down a storm!

Featuring five 1st class stamps in an original comic strip presentation, the release reveals a never-before-seen Marvel comic strip. The stamps have been designed by British Marvel artist Alan Davis and feature brand-new depictions of your favourite Marvel superheroes in action. Undeniably, artwork is at the heart of the success of Marvel Comics and this creation is no different.

The stamps have been postmarked with that all-important one-day-only first day of issue, allowing collectors to secure the earliest issues of the stamps, unable to be recreated at a later date. For this reason, a maximum of JUST 1,995 of these framed editions will ever exist worldwide.

Paired with a hand-picked, authentic Spider-Man comic, almost every presentation is unique! What’s more, the stamps and comic come professionally mounted and framed, ready to display in a bedroom or office or an unusual gift idea.

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Spider-Man as you’ve never seen him before and strictly limited to just 9,995!

For me, this classic Spider-Man collectable is a must have for all fans and collector and here are 5 reasons why…

  1. Featuring the Royal Mail 2019 Spider Man stamp, this is the first time Spider-Man has ever appeared on an official UK stamp!
  2. Designed exclusively by Alan Davis, this is a very rare opportunity to own an original Spider-Man illustration.
  3. Postmarked with the first day of issue, there can only ever be a tiny number of these!
  4. Postmarked in Shield Row, Stanley, the postmark pays a moving tribute to the late, great Stan Lee.
  5. Encapsulated in tamper-proof casing, this is one of the most limited ways to own the official Spider-Man stamp AND it will preserve your stamp and postmark for generations of Spider-Man fans to come!

The Capsule Edition featuring the Spider-Man Stamp is such an affordable collector piece and a really fun way to introduce a child to the world of collecting!

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If you love this piece – you need the even more limited set of your Marvel favourites…

You’ll love the chance to own all six of the most popular Marvel character stamps, in this exclusive Capsule Edition presentation. Featuring Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Thor, Black Panther and, of course, Spider-Man, this generational keepsake has everything a timeless collectable needs and it is strictly limited to just 4,995!

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