Out of this world and strictly limited: the brand NEW Moon landing Collectables range!

Our enduring fascination with the Moon and the indefinite possibilities of space consumes popular culture around the world with the latest intergalactic blockbuster always just around the corner and everything from TV documentaries to theme park rides harnessing the excitement and anticipation surrounding space.

Now, I’m sure you all know that this weekend marks the 50th anniversary of the momentous Apollo 11 Moon landing; the enormity of which has not diminished with time. As you can imagine, the collector market is flooded with commemoratives, all paying tribute to mankind’s greatest scientific achievement and here at Collectology, we’ve been quietly collating a range of the most unusual and out of this world collectables, exclusively for you…

If you didn’t manage to catch our show, you can watch it here. Otherwise, here’s a rundown of the Moon landing commemorative pieces you simply can’t afford to miss

The Moon landing coin set specially sourced from the US – JUST 500 available!

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that if a coin is difficult to source, it’s usually worth your while. Historic coins from the US are particularly difficult to source because the collector market in the States is so competitive!

Thanks to my contacts in the US, I have managed to source a small number of two of the most sought-after US coins and curate a special Moon landing Capsule Edition set. Here’s why these coins are so important…

1969 JFK half dollar

  • One of the most iconic coin designs in history – the coin features the president who championed the US’ race to the Moon and pushed to make it happen. It remains one of the most popular coins in the US.
  • An authentic memento of the Apollo missions – Circulating in 1969, this very coin marks an unforgettable moment in time. Who knows, it may have passed through Neil Armstrong’s very hands!
  • A rare find – Given the significance of this issue, 1969 JFK half dollars have been snapped up far and wide and are now very difficult to source

2019 Apollo 11 Commemorative half dollar

  • Taken the US by storm – the Mint reported sales of 296,311 coins on launch day alone – that’s 206 coins a minute on launch day! A sell-out is on the cards very soon!
  • Only the 2nd curved coin series in history! The first series completely sold out!
  • Unique design – featuring a domed strike, just like the Moon, this is the most fitting US tribute to this special anniversary

Both coins have been paired with artwork featuring extracts from President Kennedy and Neil Armstrong’s most famous quotes and encapsulated to preserve the quality of the coins for generations to come.

Due to the rarity and popularity of both coins, just 500 of these sets will ever be issued.

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Own a hand-crafted pewter masterpiece – in the form of a retro music carousel!

I absolutely love being able to include a Royal Selangor piece in any range. The combination of heritage and craftsmanship is unparalleled in the collector market and the finished pieces are quite something to behold.

Internationally recognised for producing the highest quality pieces, Royal Selangor have uniquely cast this faraway planet in extraordinary detail using high quality purified Pewter. With a rotating ring decorated with a rocket ship and meteor motif, the attention to detail is stunning.

Capturing the explorer spirit of the 60’s and 70’s sci-fi fad, the carousel’s nostalgic tune transports you to a distant place and time. What’s more, the carousel has been plated to achieve such a luminous blue, reminiscent of the futurism of space travel.

This striking commemorative will make any collection stand out from the crowd or an unusual adornment to a child’s room. We currently have JUST 25 available and they won’t be around for long…

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Relive the Moon landing through the eyes of the nation, as reported at the time…

For most people, our understanding of the Moon landing remains the preserve of TV documentaries and history books, all traced with the perspective of time.

This is by far my favourite piece in the range because it gives the historic Moon landing a sense of reality. Comprised of a comprehensive collection of authentic Newspaper articles, the Lunar Landings Newspaper Book provides an exhaustive insight into the events leading up to, during and after the iconic Apollo 11 mission.

Detailing both the triumphs and tragedies the period and leaving no forgotten moment, we are reminded of the humanity behind the Moon landings. Rich with first-hand accounts including genuine heath fears for the astronauts, the sacrifices made by their wives and families and even the personalities behind the men we only know as the first to grace the surface of the Moon.

For the first time, you can experience the moment that man made it to the Moon through the eyes of the people at the time. This powerful collection is bound in luxury hard back leather with a gold-embossed finish, making a premium coffee table companion with a fascinating tale to tell.

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Not to mention… a WORLD FIRST that’s SOLD out at the Mint!

I can guarantee you won’t have seen another coin like this – because there isn’t one!

SOLD OUT at the mint, your chance to own this coin is running out! Here are 5 reasons coin collectors have been going mad for this Spherical Moon Landing Coin…

  1. The coin has been struck with Smartminting technology to achieve a 360 degree circumference which would normally have had to be cast; this is the world’s FIRST Spherical Moon Landing Coin!
  2. Using specialist presses and repeated striking, the coin’s high-relief finish brings every detail to life, including Neil Armstrong’s footprint!
  3. With an Antique finish, the coin can be held without fear of tarnishing
  4. The coin has been struck from Pure Silver, making the minting techniques all the more impressive!
  5. Complete with a floating frame, every angle of the state-of-the-art coin can be shown off

It is incredibly difficult to achieve a perfect strike of a coin like this so a high mintage is impossible. For that reason just 1,969 of this breath-taking coins have been issued worldwide and we have just 20 remaining!

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Your chance to own a piece of SOLID Titanium – just like the piece that went to the moon!

In a Collectology exclusive, we bring you the Coloured Titanium Moon Landing Set.

Strong and light with a resistance to high temperatures and corrosion, Titanium is the perfect material for a Space Craft Capsule and the Moon is rich in Titanium too! With the 50th anniversary fast approaching, we wanted to give collectors the chance to own a piece of mighty Titanium in the form of a limited edition coin set.

Now Titanium is incredibly difficult to strike and for that reason, Titanium coins are extremely rare.

Armed with never-before-seen artist interpretations of the Apollo 11 Moon landing and in collaboration with the experts at Geiger mint, we set to work striking some of the most exceptional coins issued this year!

Finished with a challenging process known as anodization, the vibrant colour of the coins has been achieved through changing the colour of the metal itself rather than using dyes or artificial colourings.

Limited to just 1,969 sets worldwide due to the complex striking process, these rare Moon landing coins are the ultimate tribute to the Moon landings we remember, 50 years on.

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Don’t forget, if you missed our show, you can catch the whole thing here and see for yourself why these must-have collectables have been chosen as the finest commemoratives for mankind’s most inspiring feat.

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