Revealed: Brand-New Collectables Range featuring Alice in Wonderland, Elsa from Frozen and Peter Pan 50ps & more!

Whilst curating this range, I was filled with a happy nostalgia that transported me back to a mid-90’s childhood, when the etcher-sketch was the closest thing to a tablet and imagination was the supreme resource!

Thankfully, no matter how fast we are propelled into the age of technology, Children’s Classics seem to stand the test of time with generation after generation holding the most treasured tales close to their heart.

With an Alice in Wonderland showstopper, the brand-new Peter Pan 50p coins that everyone has been desperate to get their hands on and a Frozen music carousel featuring genuine Swarovski crystals (to name a few), the range boasts a variety of the most unique and strictly limited Children’s Classics collectables from across the ages!

If you didn’t manage to catch our Children’s Classics show, you can still watch it by clicking here >>. Otherwise, here is a rundown of the most cherished collectables range of the year!

Own a traditional porcelain tea set featuring the original artwork from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

This is without a doubt my favourite piece in the range because, as the hatter said ‘it’s always tea time’! Featuring a traditional assortment of crockery, all intricately designed and produced by the experts at Reutter Porzellan to feature the original artwork from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Carroll’s nonsensical, fantastical Wonderland is one of the most beloved (albeit bizarre) settings in children’s fiction. Undoubtedly the most memorable part of the book is the Mad Tea Party, held by the absurd Hatter, and what better way to celebrate Carroll’s creative masterpiece than with your very own tea set, crafted from the finest porcelain?

For me, the quality of a collector piece can almost always be determined by the reputation of its craftsmanship. Established 60 years ago, Reutter porzellan has become internationally renowned for its passion to produce the finest porcelain. Each piece goes through a meticulous process of casting, glazing, painting and firing with meticulous attention to detail.

For this reason, Reutter Porzellan pieces are incredibly ornate and make the perfect centrepiece to any collection. What’s more, the stunning tea set comes complete with a floral case to complete the authentic look and make it easily portable without fear of damage.

We have managed to secure a tiny number of these tea sets and they have already caused such a stir!

Find out more here>>

Own four Brilliant Uncirculated Beatrix Potter 50p coins in an authentic porcelain Money Box presentation

I’m sure everyone has been checking their change for Beatrix Potter’s familiar faces since the Beatrix Potter 50p series was released in 2016! However, the unprecedented popularity of this series has shocked the coin collecting world to the core, generating one of the biggest collecting rushes of all time. But don’t worry, you can avoid the long wait and own a set today…

This original presentation features four of the Beatrix Potter 50p issues you’ve been searching for:

  • The beloved Flopsy Bunny
  • Mrs. Tittlemouse
  • The rare Tailor of Gloucester
  • The 2018 Peter Rabbit 50p itself

Each coin has been struck to a superior finish than those you find in your change and comes accompanied by an authentic porcelain money box, perfect for introducing a little one to the collecting world.

These coins are now incredibly difficult to find in circulation and the 2018 Gold and Silver Proof Peter Rabbit™ 50p have completely SOLD OUT! The circulating coins have been snapped up by anyone and everyone and, as such, this is one of the only ways to own all these coins!

The expertly crafted porcelain money box has been designed to feature the original artwork of Beatrix Potter in stunning full colour, making it the ideal adornment to a child’s bedroom. When I saw this, I instantly thought it would be an extra special gift for a new-born or christening; but for any collector, young or old, it is an undeniably unusual keepsake.

Find out more here>>

Own the complete set of Peter Pan 50ps in one of the most limited ways possible…

Earlier this year, for the first time ever, a series of Peter Pan 50p coins were issued by the Isle of Man to celebrate the enchanting story of Peter Pan and the incredible legacy of author JM Barrie…

In case you didn’t know, JM Barrie gifted the rights of Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Hospital in 1929, a gesture which has supported the hospital in its mission to transform young lives for 90 years and continues to do so.

This limited Capsule Edition set features all six of the 50ps featuring all your favourite characters, adorned with some of JM Barrie’s most famous quotes.

Each coin has been struck to a superior finish to those you would find in your change and encapsulated with original artwork to preserve the flawless condition of the coins for years to come. The coins have been released into circulation in the Isle of Man but are difficult to find there because they are snapped up by collectors and they are even more difficult to find outside of the Isle of Man!

Just 4,995 of these sets will be issued worldwide making this an exceptionally rare way to own all six coins. What’s more, a donation from each coin set sold will go directly to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity to them support the hospital and the seriously ill children who are cared for there, making this particular collection all the more special.

Find out more and secure your limited edition set here>>

Long Live the Famous Five! Silver Plated and Strictly Limited…

Enid Blyton’s Famous Five novels are amongst the most cherished of British literary relics. With captivating adventures and stunning illustrations bringing every word to life, I know I’m not alone when I say that the joy of the ‘Five’ novels is deep-rooted in our heritage.

For the very first time, the iconic book cover of perhaps the most popular of the whole book series, Five on a Treasure Island has been faithfully reproduced on a limited edition silver-plated ingot!

Matching the exact proportions of the original book and immediately recognisable, this authentic commemorative is the perfect tribute to a timeless tale. In fact, the book covers are so renowned that they have become collectable works of art in their own right!

Turning the ingot will reveal the words: “There was something else out on the sea by the rocks- something dark that seemed to lurch out of the waves… what could it be?” an extract from one of the book’s most dramatic scenes.

The ingots have been struck to the highest standard and finished with a fine silver-plate. What’s more, the ingot has been encapsulated to preserve its unblemished condition for generations of Five fans to come.

Just 9,995 of these unique ingots will ever be produced! Secure yours here>>

The magical Elsa Music Carousel featuring REAL Swarovski crystals… Just 3,000 worldwide!

Having worked closely with distinguished Petwersmiths Royal Selangor before, I knew that their Elsa Music Carousel would be quite something to behold, but I wasn’t expecting this…

Celebrated for their intricate detail, Royal Selangor pieces are amongst the most elaborate and unique out there. With a rich history dating back to 1885, the combination of heritage and craftsmanship that goes into all of their pieces is unmatched.

Officially licensed by Disney, Royal Selangor’s Elsa from Frozen Music Carousel pays tribute to the highest grossing animated film of all time and the most iconic soundtrack of the 21st century. Cast from high quality pewter and featuring genuine Swarovski crystals, the collectability of this piece lies both the huge collector demand for Disney’s Frozen memorabilia and its unusual craftsmanship, finished by hand.

Elsa has even been brought to life and sings the signature song from Frozen – ‘Let it Go’ in the form of a music carousel!

Having transcended the success of its Disney predecessors, Frozen is a modern day classic, sure to stand the test of time and with JUST 3,000 produced worldwide, we have only managed to source a small number for collectors!

Don’t miss out. Secure yours here>>

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