Music Legends 1: Elton John Collectables that hit the high notes!

Rock and pop music has long been an inspiration for collectors. From signed photographs to rare editions of vinyl records, music memorabilia will always remain popular with collectors.

Here is the first of our Music Legends series on rock and pop superstars. Where we are looking into the world of music memorabilia and what coll we collect just for the nostalgia, the love and as a possible future investment!

Number 1: Sir Elton John 

Sir Elton John famously collected outrageous specs. He became the trendsetter with a keen eye for fun and funky glasses.

Reports say that during four decades Elton acquired more than 250,000 pairs of specs – enough to cover several miles of yellow brick road.


The highest price reported to have been paid at auction for a set of Elton John’s glasses, was in 2010.  A flashy pair, which spelt out his name in 57 lights, was purchased by the Hard Rock Cafe company for almost £15,000 ($17,000).

Another pair of feather trimmed lenses sold, for £3,200 ($4000). Over the decades of hits and concerts, Elton has left in his wake a panoply of collectables.

Elton’s Mickey statue brought in £50,000!

In 2005, the 75th anniversary of Mickey Mouse, Disney invited artists and celebrities to design 75 unique statues of Mickey.


These statues standing 6ft tall, went on a “pilgrimage” across the USA as part of the Celebrate Mickey tour. The same statues were then offered at auction, to raise money for a variety of charities.

The best-selling statue was the Music Royalty’ Mickey, designed by Sir Elton himself. It sold for (£50,000) $62,400, with proceeds benefiting the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Last laugh to Elton with £12k clown suit

Elton was gifted a suit by a German Pierrot clown during the 1970s, and he chose to wear it for live performances and in music videos.

Image: Heritage Auctions

In 2011, more than 20 years after it was first sold in 1988, the same costume pictured turned up for sale in Dallas, Texas – it raised £12,000.

Rare Captain Fantastic edition


There are tens of thousands of Elton John fans, who would love to own something special from the early Elton years, the 1970s.

For example, one of the most sought-after Elton John albums is a promotional release 1975 version of “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy” pressed in brown vinyl and signed by Elton and his long-time lyricist Bernie Taupin.  

Only 2,000 were ever issued. One was recently appeared on line with an asking price of £2,300 ($2,781).

He’s still standing by Watford FC

Souce: The Mirror

Elton loves his football and collectors might be on alert for Watford FC football programmes. He is known to have signed some in his younger days and posed for pictures with players and the late manager, Graham Taylor.

In 1976 Elton became chairman of Watford FC club chairman and appointed Taylor as manager, so the passing years are certain to have added value to Elton John footie memorabilia.  

This signed charity concert programme with asking price of £150 is a good example but there are plenty more out there.

Pinball wizard DMs sold for five-figure sum


The R Griggs Group is famed for making Doc Martens. But the most famous pair of Doc Martens were not made by Griggs. As the Pinball Wizard in the 1975 rock opera musical “TommyElton wore a giant pair of DMs. They were specially made by a chemical company Scott Bader.

The story goes that Elton only agreed to take the part in the movie on condition he could keep the large boots afterwards.

In 1988 he decided to sell them and they were purchased by Griggs for around £16,000. Nowadays they are on permanent display at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery.

Life in the fanzone suits Mark and Daniel

Mark Underwood claims to be one of Elton’s biggest fans. He’s seen him perform live 90 times in the past 40 years. He’s spent much of his hard earned cash on VIP tickets for shows across the world, from Brussels to Tokyo. He treasures his collection of memorabilia including concert programmes and framed ticket stubs.


“Many are autographed by Elton, and one is even signed by his late mother, Sheila,” he told one magazine last year. 

Mark also cherishes four guitar picks given to him by Elton’s long-time band member Davey Johnstone.

He owns 30 posters and most are autographed. He also owns 40 T-shirts. One he claims was worn by the Rocketman himself, along with several baseball caps.  To cap all that, he even named a son after one of Elton’s biggest hits Daniel.

His Daniel, now 27, is also an Elton fanatic naturally.

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