Revealed: the brand new collectables range celebrating the world’s biggest music legends…

From Queen to The Rolling Stones, the golden age of music never seems to lose its relevance. In fact, despite a categorical shift towards music’s digital era, with more extensive and accessible new music, we still choose to listen to the legends that governed the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

It’s fair to say that music has always been a source of enormous collectability, with a culture of owning records and growing collections of music resurging in recent years. In fact, I find myself inundated with emails from collector’s looking for the rarest and most unusual music commemoratives.

This gave me an idea for our latest range and I have been quietly curating a range of inimitable music collectables, celebrating the legends of music and cultural geniuses of the late 20th century…

If you didn’t manage to catch our Music Legends Show, you can watch the whole thing by clicking here> If not, here is a quick-fire rundown of the Music Legends range which will spark your nostalgia and transport you back to a time of bell-bottoms and flamboyance…

The ultimate tribute to Sir Elton John – JUST 250 Worldwide

Elton’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was arguably the artistic pinnacle of his 70’s career, famed for its eclectic mix of signwriting styles and featuring favourites Candle in the Wind and Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)!

More than that, the album is one of the most recognised designs of all time, featuring Elton stepping into a poster (in excellent platform shoes) and onto the Yellow Brick Road. The artwork is so renowned that the album is considered to be a piece of art in its own right and ought to be displayed!

Well collectors, we have answered your call. We have paired this iconic album with its very own stamp, designed to faithfully recreate the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album and taken from Royal Mail’s brand-new Elton John Stamp Release. The stamps have literally JUST been issued this month, as Elton continues his final tour, impeccably named; Farewell Yellow Brick Road.

Both the stamp and Vinyl have been beautifully mounted and professionally framed in striking A2 size, making this one of the most unusual ways to own and display both the new-issue stamp and timeless record. What’s more, just 250 of these framed presentations will ever be issued worldwide, making it exceptionally rare and a must-have for any music collector or Elton John fan.

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Re-live the colourful careers of Bowie and The Beatles with an authentic Newspaper Book!

Remember it well? Whether you lived through the rise of two of Britain’s finest music legacies or, like me, became a fan in recent years, these comprehensive Newspaper Books, rich in authentic reports and striking images, act as a time capsule capturing every high and low, exactly as it was reported at the time.

I love the way these books not only celebrate the big moments, but also the small moments in two colossal careers. You’ll all remember Ziggy Stardust and Abbey Road but perhaps you won’t know that a head teacher at a boys school had to enforce a ban on the ‘mushroom shaped hairstyles’ adopted by boys influenced by the ‘Beatle Cut’? Or that David Bowie invested a lot of time and money into a Brixton youth club?

Leaving no forgotten moment, these incredible books are the perfect coffee table companion, offering something new with every read. Plus, the books are bound in black leather with gold-embossing, giving a premium finish to these impressive A3 Newspaper Books.

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The AC/DC 7” Highway to Hell album… in the form of a Pure Silver coin and limited to just 1,973!

Any fan of rock music will know this album well, but I can guarantee you’ll have never seen it like this before

In one of the best examples of modern, specialist minting, AC/DC’s seminal album, Highway to Hell has been intricately replicated on an innovative, officially licensed Silver Foil Note replicating a 7 inch vinyl. The front features a full-colour recreation of the original album artwork while the back has been struck to include an inscribed spiral groove, resembling that of an authentic record!

This rare strike is all the more impressive when you consider the fact that it has been struck from Pure Silver to a Proof-like finish, the highest standard of finish possible. However, a perfect strike of this kind is hard to achieve, hence its exceptionally low edition limit

Just 1,973 of these have been struck, echoing the year the album was released. Importantly, an earlier AC/DC coin released by The Royal Australian Mint with a mintage of 30,000 sold out in under 24 hours. This is a testament to the demand for and scarcity of AC/DC commemorative coins and all signs suggest this far more limited coin, is headed the same way!

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Brand-New Official UK Elton John Stamp SetJUST 4,995 Worldwide…

As an enormous Elton John fan, I’m really excited about this brand-new piece. As I mentioned, Royal Mail have just released a series of stamps to mark the anniversary of Elton John’s debut album and celebrating Elton John’s prolific career as he continues his farewell tour.

Exclusively for you, we have taken all eight album cover stamps in the release and encapsulated them in a premium set, strictly limited to just 4,995 worldwide! The set includes Honky Château – home to Rocket Man, The One with album artwork designed by Versace and Made in England to name just a few! Each stamp has been postmarked with the first day of issue – 3rd September 2019 with the Pinner location, in a moving tribute to Elton John’s birthplace.

Any collector will know that when it comes to stamps, securing that first day of issue postmarked release is so important, however, only a small number can be postmarked with that date, making this one of the rarest ways to own the stamps. The set is housed in a classic presentation case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity to confirm the set’s place within the tiny edition limit!

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The Pure Silver Vinyl Coins you won’t believe are really coins! Limited to just 10,000 worldwide!

Now, working in the world of collectables, I see unusual coins every day. However, I can safely say I have never seen anything quite like these

Stylised portraits of unparalleled music legends have been printed onto Pure Silver Coins using Metallic Lacquer and colour application and struck with extra relief to mimic vinyl grooves. This ground-breaking minting has allowed all 6 coins to take the form of Vinyl replicas and they’re truly breath-taking.


  • Madonna
  • Bob Marley
  • Elvis
  • Mick Jagger
  • Michael Jackson
  • David Bowie

Each coin has been struck from .999 Pure Silver to a Proof finish, unequalled in sharpness or detail.

Impressively, the portraits have been designed by renowned artist Sid Maurer, known for his commissioned work for Bowie, Boy George and ESPN and officially licensed – some of which have sold for thousands!

Just 10,000 of each coin has been struck worldwide and we have managed to source just 3 of each so who knows how long your favourite will be around for?

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