JUST RELEASED: Official UK Gruffalo stamps…

We’re very excited here at Collectology as Royal Mail have just announced the release of brand new Official Gruffalo stamps for the first time ever!

The stamps have been issued to mark this year’s 20th anniversary of The Gruffalo – the fictional children’s picture book that’s become a worldwide sensation! Written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, The Gruffalo has become an international bestseller, with over 14.5 million copies sold worldwide! It’s been translated into 84 languages and has even been adapted into an Oscar nominated film. So, The Gruffalo undoubtedly deserves its place on UK stamps. Of course, The Gruffalo has also appeared this year on a UK 50p coin too!

Officially approved and licensed by Magic Light Pictures, there are two sets of stamps that have been released – a set of six stamps featuring scenes from the original picture book alongside original captions, and a set of 4 stamps on a beautifully designed miniature sheet featuring the key characters from the book. So let’s take a look…

The Miniature Sheet…

The sheet itself features brand new, never-seen-before illustrations by Axel Scheffler, designed especially for Royal Mail. It features a large, full colour image of The Gruffalo alongside four character stamps…

  • The Owl – 1st Class – the Owl, along with the snake and the fox lure the mouse back to their home for a meal, with the intention of eating the mouse!
  • The Mouse – 1st Class – the clever mouse declines the offer for dinner and tells the animals he plans to dine with The Gruffalo – knowing The Gruffalo isn’t real, the Mouse is surprised to encounter a real Gruffalo later in his walk through the forest!
  • The Snake – £1.55 – the snake’s encounter with the Gruffalo caused him to slither away in fright!
  • The Fox – £1.55 – The Fox was hoping for a tasty meal when he first came across the Mouse

The Six Gruffalo Scenes Stamps…

The six se-tenant stamps work together to create an illustrated storyboard following the mouse’s progress and introducing your favourite characters one by one…

  • 1st Class – Scrambled Snake!
  • 1st Class – Gruffalo Crumble!
  • 1st Class – All was quiet in the deep dark wood
  • £1.60 – A mouse took a stroll
  • £1.60 – Roasted Fox!
  • £1.60 – Owl ice cream?

With the popularity of The Gruffalo and the huge success of The Gruffalo 50p release earlier this year, which saw The Gruffalo Silver Proof 50p become the fastest selling Silver 50p ever issued, there’s no doubt these brand new official stamps are going to be incredibly sought-after among fans and collectors. Announced today, the stamps are available on pre-order with an official issue day of 10th October 2019.

But of course, everyone is looking for the most unusual and limited ways to own them and we have just that…

You have a strictly limited opportunity to own The Gruffalo Miniature Sheet featuring The Gruffalo himself and four of your favourite characters in an exclusive framed presentation – limited to JUST 995 worldwide!

The stamps will be officially postmarked with their first day of issue , which as I’m sure you know, is the most important thing to remember when it comes to brand-new stamps. Sealing a moment in time, the first day of issue postmark is the best way to celebrate this significant anniversary. What’s more, only a small number of stamps can be postmarked with that release date –10th October 2019 – making them exceptionally limited and all the more coveted.

The stamps come presented alongside the official UK Gruffalo 50p in Brilliant Uncirculated Condition accompanied by official Royal Mail postcards showing stunning, larger images of the stamps – all come mounted on official, original Gruffalo artwork and beautifully framed. Plus, it’s also individually numbered – confirming its place within the strict edition limit!

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