Revealed: D-Day Anniversary Coin flown in an original D-Day aircraft!

When it comes to collectables, pieces commemorating defining moments in British military history are unquestionably the most sought-after. So, to mark the 75th anniversary year of the D-Day landings, we knew we would have to come up with something completely original and extra special for our collectors.

When I heard that a new D-Day coin was to be released, I knew this was a project I had to get involved with and I’m thrilled with what we’ve come up with…

Introducing the D-Day Anniversary coin, flown in an authentic D-Day veteran C47 Dakota and hand-signed by the pilot himself!

Now, you may remember an RAF Centenary coin we had flown in a Spitfire last year? If you don’t, that’s probably because the release was immensely popular and completely sold out within just a couple of days! It appeared we had found something unique that collectors were looking for and after some extensive research, we’ve been able to recreate that rare opportunity for this significant anniversary but with a special twist

Drag ‘Em Oot – A D-Day Champion

After firing off a couple of emails to Aerolegends, I quickly found out that they had recently acquired a genuine WWII C47 Skytrain and what better plane to accommodate our brand-new  D-Day coins than the very plane which dropped over thousands of paratroopers onto the beaches of Normandy 75 years ago?

So, on 9th August, armed with 500 brand-new £5 coins, I headed to North Weald Airfield to catch up with owner Keith Perkins and renowned pilot Chris Goezinne to experience the C47 first hand. Keith and Chris were enormously accommodating and, over a cup of tea, told me all about the history of the Airfield and the plane itself, brilliantly named; Drag ‘Em Oot.

General Eisenhower famously deemed the C47 Dakota one of the four things that won the war, so I was fascinated to hear that only a handful of Gooney Birds remain airworthy today (thanks to companies like Aerolegends preserving such raw history).

I was lucky enough to explore Drag ‘Em Oot and moved to see for myself the remnants of war that she sports. In fact, over 30 bullet holes can still be seen from wartime operations she carried out.

Keith explained that while the C47’s were heavily involved in dropping paratroopers in the D-Day landings, their primary function in the war effort came in the form of glider recovery. Even after the war, these remarkable planes were used heavily as cargo freighters, particularly when it came to delivering supplies to a shut-off Berlin.

I could talk about the wartime relevance of the C47 for hours but instead, I will simply say that it epitomised the incredible engineering feat of the Allied operation. Now, 75 years on, it remains one of the most important champions in British history and the ideal host of our latest D-Day commemorative coins.

Brand-new D-Day £5 Coin Release

Issued this year by Guernsey, the new D-Day Anniversary Coin celebrates the vehicles behind the D-Day effort, bringing them to life with stunning technical precision and striking colour minting. The design features:

  • Cromwell Mk IV Tank
  • Airspeed Horsa Glider
  • Royal Navy Landing Craft

The coin has been struck to a superior Brilliant Uncirculated finish, meaning it is free from the blemishes of circulating coins and giving it that all important collector quality.

Limited Edition – Just 500 worldwide!

Just 500 of these stunning coins made the trip to North Weald Airfield with me, making this one of the rarest and by far the most exceptional ways to own this coin.

The superb coin has been encased in a tamper-proof capsule to preserve its flawless condition for years to come. The Capsule Edition is housed within a premium display case, complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity, full of fascinating information about the C47 Dakota and its esteemed pilot.

Hand-signed by the Pilot

In an extra-special touch, pilot Chris Goezinne, whose wealth of experience flying C47 Dakota’s and other military vehicles is astounding, has hand-signed all 500, making this the ultimate D-Day 75 commemorative.

Since we released this exclusive hand-signed, flown coin on Friday, the response has been incredible. If you missed us revealing this special issue, you can watch the whole thing here and find out all there is to know about this important issue.

To find out more and secure yours while you still can, click here>>

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