Revealed: new 50th Anniversary of Concorde 50p coins and the rarest ways to own them!

Sixteen years ago today, British Airways operated the final Concorde flight. For a fleeting 27 years, The Concorde had made the vision of supersonic commercial aviation a reality, long before its time.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first Concorde flight and its legacy remains one of the greatest engineering feats of all time. For that reason, The Concorde has evolved into a collectable sensation and collectors are looking for the most exceptional commemoratives to mark this historic milestone.

If you managed to catch our LIVE reveal this morning, hopefully you’ll agree that we have just the thing! If you didn’t, here’s a run-down of the Concorde Anniversary 50p coins you can’t afford to miss, including a set hand-signed by three Concorde Captains…

Brand-new 50th Anniversary of Concorde 50p release

A set of Official British Isles 50p coins have been issued by Guernsey and fully approved by Her Majesty the Queen. Three coins have been issued in total, featuring specially commissioned designs by renowned aviation artist Andrew Harris, marking key moments in the Concorde flight path.

The designs feature:

  • Runway – The unmistakable outline of Concorde as it roars along the runway
  • Take-off – Concorde soaring through the air, shortly after take-off
  • Flight – Concorde cruising at supersonic speed

The coins have been issued to a Brilliant Uncirculated finish, as well as Gold and Silver Proof versions, all of which have proven to be immensely popular.

In fact, 50p coins have become the firm collector favourite in recent years and it is only fitting that The Supersonic Concorde has earnt a place on the face of the 50p.

Now, exclusively for you, we’ve gone one step further in curating the definitive 50th Anniversary commemorative collection…

Icons of the Sky – A Collaboration

We knew that such a significant coin release deserved an extra special touch. So, in collaboration with three legendary Concorde pilots, we have created The Concorde Pilots Signature Edition, allowing you to own all three coins in the release in a limited edition, signed presentation.

Each coin has been paired with the hand-written signature of a Concorde pilot, including:

  • Captain Jock Lowe, one of the longest serving Concorde pilots, who flew HM Queen Elizabeth II an incredible four times.
  • Captain Jeremy Rendall, who took part in the first simultaneous landing with a French Concorde to mark the opening of Epcot in Orlando, Florida.
  • Captain Norman Britton, who held the record for the fastest transatlantic crossing for 7 years.

Limited Capsule Edition Presentation – Just 500 worldwide!

Each coin has been encapsulated with that all-important autograph in tamper-proof casing, to preserve it for years to come, and housed within a premium display case.

This Concorde Pilots Signature Edition is limited to just 500 worldwide, making it one of the rarest ways to own these new coins and celebrate the unparalleled Concorde.

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The Silver Proof Concorde 50p!

You can also own the Concorde ‘Take Off’ 50p in pristine Silver Proof!

Struck from .925 Silver to the finest quality Proof finish, this is the most prestigious way to own the new Concorde 50p. With no equal in detail and with a stunning mirrored finish, this superior quality coin is the one all collectors are looking for.

What’s more, just 2,019 of these will ever be minted. To put that into perspective, most Silver 50p coins have a mintage in the tens of thousands and this is exceptionally low. For that reason, we have managed to secure just 50 for collectors and demand is bound to be sky-high!

Complete with a display case and numbered certificate of authenticity, this piece will make any coin or aviation collection stand out from the crowd.

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