Are these the most valuable Christmas Collectables ever?

It’s time for those collectable seasonal decorations to sparkle.

This has to be one of most valuable baubles ever!

Source: Telegraph

This really is a one-of-a-kind bauble and at £82,000 was much too valuable to risk hanging on any tree.

This fabulous Christmas trinket, in 18 carat white gold and coated with more than 1500 stunning white diamonds was made in Hampshire.

The magnificent bauble took a year to make, was encircled with two white gold rings each encrusted with 188 rubies. Ten years ago, it was valued at £82,000.

It bauble was the brainchild of Mark Hussey owner of a family business, Hallmark Jewellers of Titchfield. 

Mark’s sublime £150k Christmas crackers

Last Christmas diamond bauble man Mark was back again he created a set of Christmas crackers to die for.

Source: Telegraph

There was not a plastic compass to be found. Rather his unique set of crackers hid silver cuffs-links decorated with diamonds and rubies – with a six-figure price tag. The crackers were intended to be displayed on a customised silver candelabra before the festive fun begins.

Mark took his creations to Goldsmiths Assay Hallmark Office to be valued. The examiner valued the set to be worth £150,000.

The day a Christmas card sold for £22,500

Source: BBC

Here is a story that might make you think twice about dumping this year’s Christmas cards.

In 2001 a Victorian card set the record sale price for any greetings card sold at auction.

The 1843 print the card featured had been expected to fetch up to £12,000 at the sale in Wiltshire.

The bidding went on to smash the previous high for any greetings card at £14,000. That was a card from the Titanic.

£1,000 banner is not taking the Mickey!

In the box filed under “unusual Christmas packages” this banner deserves to be high on the must-have list for any Disney fan.

It is probably unique and was acquired from the Magic Kingdom Disney Theme Park, Florida, USA, where it is said to have hung during one very special Christmas season for the park.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party  banner dates back to 1996, the year the park celebrated its silver jubilee. It’s said to be hand painted and at 21feet by 4feet and weighing in at more than 3.5 kilograms it’s not something you’ll find in your Christmas stocking.

As well as the obvious seasonal greetings relating to Mickey Mouse, it also shouts out that you never can really predict where value in a piece of memorabilia or a relic comes from.

The seller of this item is hoping for a buyer willing to stump up $1,200  (just shy of £1,000). It’s probably true that it was the only one made and it is hand-painted and not a screen print.

It’s claimed to be a piece of genuine Disney history and, if Disney is your ‘thing’, there is no reason to doubt it.

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