5 movie costume collectables that you won’t believe!

Lights, Camera, Action. Time for the great costume drama

It’s been a great time for movie props recently, Auctioneers and Collectors must be rubbing their eyes in disbelief at some of the movie memorabilia snapped up for staggering prices.

From Star Wars to Harry Potter, from Grease to Godzilla, everyone, with money to invest and a love of the cinema, wants a piece of the action.

Most popular and highly-prized are genuine movie costumes worn by Hollywood A-listers.

Here’s our focus on a high-five of the best sold at auction just this year.

Broken zip, but Olivia’s jeans still go for £405,700

Legend has it that Olivia Newton John had to be sewn into the jeans she wore for the You’re the One That I Want duet with John Travolta in Grease.

Source: Edition.cnn.com

The fact they were sold with a broken zip might lend some support to that story.

A broken zip certainly did not deter the buyer though.

He or she paid £405,700 to acquire the pants and leather jacket combo at the US auction in October.

Joker Jack’s £60,000 slam-dunk

Cowls and capes from the Batman movie franchise have always attracted big numbers but how about the villain of the piece? 

Source: BBC.co.uk

Jack Nicholson’s Joker outfit from Tim Burton’s classic 1989 Batman went under the hammer and it sold for £60,000!

The Joker character costumes were created by Academy Award-nominated designer Bob Ringwood. They became increasingly vibrant and outrageous as he descended further into madness throughout the film.

Buyer shelled out £9k for De Niro’s Pea Coat

Source: Propstore.com

In 1974 Robert De Niro played a young Vito “Don” Corleone in what is regarded the greatest Mafia movie ever.

Source: propstore.com

In early scenes of DeNiro playing Vito as a young man preferred a ‘pea coat’

The actual Pea Coat was sold in London for £9,000 a bargain for anyone with a sense of cinema history.

Jurassic classic by the ‘father’ of the raptor

Source: propstoreauction.com

The late, great Richard Attenborough played John Hammond in Jurassic Park. Attenborough’s tropical hat and costume used in the Spielberg blockbuster is very much not a work of fiction.

Source: propstoreauction.com

Hammond, the fictional visionary founder of Jurassic Park, wore his iconic all-white costume throughout the entire movie.

A simple shirt and chinos they might be, but they sold for £15,000.

No rust on Iron Man’s coolest suit

Source: Ebay.com

Iron Man Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) desert costume display from Iron Man was trending at the auction. Downey Jr wore the suit during a failed assassination attempt on him in Afghanistan that led to his becoming Iron Man.

For authenticity, the trousers with an order label for “R. DOWNEY JR. 3” with “March 7, 2007” stitched into the back-right pocket; According to the catalogue, accessories included a sky-blue-and-white striped cotton blend button-up shirt; a navy blue floral silk Valentino tie; a black leather John Varvatos belt with a steel buckle; a pair of black leather lace-up loafers and a pair of multicolour striped cotton socks. The whole package sold for £12,000.

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