REVEALED: The new VE Day 50p coins collectors have gone mad for… and how YOU can own them!

8th May 1945 brought with it the beginning of the end of World War II.

As Churchill took to the radio to announce that the conflict which had consumed the continent for six years was finally over, the nation rejoiced and VE Day became a defining moment in the history of the nation.

75 years on, the last of the wartime generation remember and the generations that followed commemorate the sacrifices made to shape a peaceful future. In honour of this important anniversary, seven brand-new British Isles 50p coins have been issued by the Isle of Man and they’re a must have for any collector or history enthusiast.

Let’s take a look…

Uniquely, the seven coins spell out the word ‘VICTORY’ with moving reverse designs capturing the spirit of VE Day as it was felt throughout the nation:

V – Churchill and his famous V for Victory stance

I – Manx people celebrating

C – Soldiers shaking hands in Trafalgar Square

T– Battleship, HMS Dido returning

O – Spitfires flying over St Paul’s Cathedral

R – Street party celebrations

Y – A soldier returning home to his family

The hunt is on!

Importantly, 25,000 of each coin will be entering circulation on the Isle of Man and everyone will be checking their change to get hold of them! However, anyone lucky enough to come across one in their change is bound to snap it up and the likelihood of finding ALL 7 coins is very slim!

So, if a trip to the Isle of Man is out of the question and you want to get your hands on all 7 50p coins, we have just the thing…

Own all 7 coins in a unique ‘floating frame’ – Just 1,500 worldwide

Since the coins launched earlier this week, we have been blown away by the response! However, there is one way to own them proving more popular than the rest and it’s no surprise why…

Just 1,500 have been hand-mounted into a bespoke collector card and housed within a classic black ‘floating frame’ presentation.

Showcasing every coin in its full glory whilst protecting its superior Brilliant Uncirculated finish, this is the ultimate way to display the set and would look great in a collection or adorning an office desk!

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The Ultimate Collector Presentation – Just 150 worldwide

The enormity of this anniversary cannot be underestimated and for military history enthusiasts and keen 50p collectors, there is only one way to own these special coins – in flawless Silver Proof.

Struck from Fine Sterling Silver and plated in 24ct Gold to a pristine Proof finish, this is the highest standard of strike possible – and they’re truly remarkable!

Each coin is encapsulated within tamper-proof casing and housed within a classic presentation case, complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Just 150 of this will ever be issued worldwide making this one of the rarest ways to own the new 50p coins.

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If you’d prefer, the V for Victory 50p is available individually in both Brilliant Uncirculated and Silver Proof. Click here to shop the full range>>

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