Revealed: your rare chance to own ALL 5 Peter Rabbit 50p coins and a fond farewell to our favourite 50p…

No matter who I chat to in the coin collecting world, young or old, bearing a healthy collection or just starting out, there is one series in particular on everyone’s lips… the Beatrix Potter 50p coins.

Undoubtedly, the ageless appeal of Beatrix Potter’s best-loved creation, Peter Rabbit™, comes from its seemingly endless ability to adapt to the times. From the original tales dating back over 100 years to the latest blockbuster film comprising a stellar cast, the adventures of the mischievous blue-coated bunny remain as relevant and loveable as they always have.

From soft toys and woodland walks, to the stage and Silver Screen, Peter Rabbit™ has become etched in British identity. So, when the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s birth came around in 2016, there was only one thing left to do…

The Face of the 50p

With Peter Rabbit firmly established as the most treasured of household names, it was only fitting that Beatrix Potter’s creative legacy should be immortalised on the face of the 50p coin.

In 2016, The Royal Mint began a commemorative coin series celebrating Peter Rabbit™ which would become the most sought-after coin series of all time. Sparking a nationwide hunt and introducing a whole new generation to the joy of coin collecting, the series stole the show and saw the 50p overtake the staple £2 as the nation’s favourite coin.

A Minting Milestone

5 years on, The Royal Mint have JUST released the fifth and final Peter Rabbit™ 50p coin in this iconic series and it’s the perfect send off for our spirited friend!

Like all previous coins in the series, the design by Emma Noble is a meticulous recreation of an original Beatrix Potter illustration. Capturing the charm and nostalgia of the original tales perfectly, the final design sees Peter Rabbit crawling under a garden fence, no doubt causing trouble!

It is this authentic approach to the 50p series which has given it such importance and which has seen fans and collectors around the world itching to own the lot…

A sell-out sensation

In fact, owning the entire series of Beatrix Potter coins is now virtually impossible. With the last couple not entering circulation, and the 2016, 2017 and 2018 versions completely sold out at The Mint, if you haven’t been collecting these since the beginning, you’ll have your work cut out!

However, we’ve done the hard part for you and, through great difficulty, we’ve managed to source a small number of these SOLD-OUT coins, in order to curate an exclsuive and strictly limited set of all 5 Peter Rabbit™ 50p coins. You’ll need to be quick if you want to be in with a chance of owning one…

Let’s take a look!

The ultimate collector piece – Just 250 worldwide!

That’s right, just 250 of these bespoke collector sets have been issued worldwide, simply because it has been impossible to get hold of any more (and believe me I’ve tried).

Featuirng all 5 Peter Rabbit™ 50p releases from 2016 to 2020, hand-mounted into a classic collector card and framed within a bespoke ‘floating’ frame, this is the ultimate way to own not only the brand-new Peter Rabbit™ 50p, but also all four that came before it.

The coins are struck to an unblemished Brilliant Uncirculated finish and are ready to display with pride in a home or office. What’s more, this rare collectable is the perfect gift for a young collector and a truly special keepsake for generations to come.

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Just 2,020 worldwide – the coveted Capsule Edition!

Alternatively, you can own the final Peter Rabbit™ 50p in an exclusive capsule edition presentation, complete with a complimentary display stand.

Again, this is a great way to own the coin in that superior BU finish and a really affordable way to own the coin whilst maintaining that important edition limit of just 2,020.

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Own it in The Royal Mint’s official collector presentations

Bringing the charming design to life, the new Peter Rabbit™ 50p is also available in flawless Silver Proof with impeccable colour print. The Silver Proof specification is arguable the collector favourite when it comes to owning 50p coins.

This is the highest standard of strike possible, with no equal in detail or precision and strengthened will full colour. What’s more, the coin is struck from .925 Silver and is housed within The Royal Mint’s bespoke acrylic block, making it a truly remarkable centrepiece.

The Silver Proof 50p has a worldwide mintage of just 15,000 and, given the fact that it is the final coin in a sell-out series, this won’t be around for long. What’s more, we have just 100 available for collectors!

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You can own the new Peter Rabbit™ 50p in The Royal Mint’s Brilliant Uncirculated Collector Pack!

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As Peter Rabbit™ continues to stand the test of time, these coins will hold great significance for both fans and collectors for years to come.

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