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“Inspiring a return to the joy of creating something unique with your own hands…”

I first came across Time for Machine back in February (which I’m sure you’ll agree now feels like a lifetime ago) at the Spring Fair in Birmingham. Every year, I seem to make one really memorable connection, usually when I’ve come across something truly unique that I know our collectors will love. This year, it was Time for Machine.

Though in its relative infancy, Time for Machine has become an industry innovator and global trend setter, specialising in the design and creation of intricate and elegant model kits. Inspiring a return to the joy of creating something unique with your own hands, I couldn’t help but feel like they had found the missing piece in today’s collecting market and I knew I had to bring it to you.

We’ve all seen model kits before, but none quite like this. In a matchless combination of steampunk beauty and real-world history, Time for Machine have cultivated a range of classic model replicas, made from polished stainless steel and stylised beautifully to take you back to the industrial era and an age of metal and clockwork.

At the heart of the range lies three impressive and universal collector pieces I’ve been dying to show you. So, without further ado, let me spark your nostalgia and take you back to those wonderful childhood experiences of building something from scratch to treasure for a lifetime…

The Heavenly Hercules

Inspired by a real-life visionary plane which to this day retains the largest wingspan of any aircraft, this shining, impressive metal replica has eight motors, powered by a base mechanism in which an intricate mechanical formula enables all of the propellers to move simultaneously.

For aviation or model enthusiasts and collectors alike, this unique tribute to an icon of the skies would be a refined adornment to your home or office.

Words hardly suffice here, click through to watch a video of the model in motion and to secure yours today>>

The Dazzling Steamliner

Reminiscent of steampunk styles but etched with tradition, this sleek, aerodynamic 1:64 scale Steamliner Locomotive model, is truly the pride and joy of the collection.

The exquisite metal model is powered by a spring-mechanism enabling you to observe the movements of the gear-wheel and the flywheel inside the train. With impeccable detail, the wheels are based on the famous Union Pacific Big Boy, the largest and most powerful operating steam locomotive in the world, of which only one remains in service.

An eye-catching 510mm in length, running along a rail length of 1530mm, this remarkable piece will be the source of both envy and allure for all who see it.

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The Marvel Tank 2

Inspired by First World War designs but stylised in a more peaceful and elegant fashion, this ornate 1:56 scale Tank model features a wind-up spring system enabling the Tank to move and even overcome obstacles with its shiny tracks and self-propelling mechanism.

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Each piece comes complete with a toolkit, ready for hours of hands-on enjoyment away from the gadgets and virtual realities of this digital age.

I hope you’ll agree this range is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary, simplicity and splendour, work and reward.

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  1. Lauren on 22nd December 2020 at 10:36 am

    Love the tank!

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