Valuable Rock Relics You Won’t Believe!

Rock bands of the 70s and 80s have inspired generations of music lovers. But head-banging guitar riffs and soaring vocals are not their only legacy.

The aura of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Status Quo, U2, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and dozens more, sprinkles any relics associated with these super group with magic dust.

There’s real value invested in some esoteric items associated with the raucous era of 70s and 80s rock and potentially rich pickings out there for collectors.

Here are seven items that might strike a chord for lovers of 70s and 80s rock groups

Unique Live Aid souvenir valued at £30,000

The Live Aid Wembley gig is regarded as one of the greatest ever rock events. Almost forty years on, Live Aid is etched in rock folklore. Sir Bob Geldof won a knighthood for making it happen, but the event itself raised £100s of millions to help relieve one of the worst famines in Africa’s history.

There are rich memories of that day at Wembley Stadium and not only from those lucky to be in the 100,000 audience.

For a cool £30,000, you can buy a 162-page book (pictured above) through the Rare and Signed website. Why is it so expensive? That’s because it’s signed by 30 of the rock legends who were on stage that blazing hot Saturday in July 1985.

No other programme like it is known to exist.

Among the names who signed it are Geldof himself, all members of Pink Floyd, all four Queen members and Status Quo. There’s also Midge Ure, Madonna, and Paul Young.  The monikers of Bono and the crew of U2, David Bowie, The Who, Dire Straits, Sade, Phil Collins, Elton John, Bryan Ferry are also there. This unique and beautiful document also has little sketches and doodles by the stars.

David Bailey portraits snapped up for four figures at auction

Historic studio portraits of some of the Live Aid bands were taken at the time by the legendary photographer to the stars David Bailey.

A small sample came up for sale at Essex-based auctioneers Sworders last year selling for more than £1,200.

A Night at The Opera rare signed vinyl

Signed by all Queen members in 1975, this rare white vinyl Dutch copy of their album A Night at The Opera was on sale for £1,750 until recently.

There is a definite trend emerging in the market for Queen signed artefacts. Anything signed by all four members of the band is worth significantly more than albums and posters signed by an individual or a pair of band members such as Brain May and John Deacon.

With the white vinyl Night at the Opera album each member of the band had signed on the front sleeve.

The monikers of Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, Brian May and John Deacon make this a sound investment. It also came with an original letter of authenticity.

Silk shirt never worn by Queen’s Brian May yet valued at £2,500

In 2017 a black silk shirt was custom made for Queen lead guitarist Brian May. May signed and dated the shirt in gold ink but for some unknown reason he never actually wore it. Maybe he just had too many silk shirts.

It’s got no designer labels apart from that signature, but May donated it as a gift to a charity auction. It has resurfaced on the internet for sale at a respectable asking price of £2,500.

Three Stones signed classic set

The Rolling Stones memorabilia catalogue is always worth a visit because it is so interesting. I noticed that a 16 LP box set of Mono Deluxe has emerged for sale at £1,250. This is a brilliant set produced when the Stones were in their pomp and the set comes with a fascinating 48-page book signed by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Bill Wyman. Drummer Charlie Watts must have been out of the room at the time.

Heavy metal heavy price

A rare and autographed Black Sabbath album self-titled, Black Sabbath which was released in 1970. It is claimed to be one of the rarest signed vinyl items available for collectors on line. It is in pristine condition and signed by band members Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward, Tony Iommi and Terry “Geezer” Butler. It’s valued at £295 but this piece of rock history could easily rocket through the £500 barrier in any future sale.

£100 thank-you note from The Who’s Pete

Why would The Who’s Pete Townshend sign a compliments slip?

In 1970 the flamboyant lead guitarist set up the Eel Pie publishing company. Eel Pie’s main activities were recording and publishing music and it was a success.

For some reason at the time Townshend signed a compliments slip on behalf of his company. Little did he think, when he was belting out Who classics like My Generation and I Can’t Explain, that one day that compliments slip would be back on the market for £100.

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