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Over the last 80 years, DC Comics has become iconic in the world of popular culture. And in celebration of these timeless superheroes, Royal Mail have issued a series of stamps featuring everyone’s favourite DC Comics characters!

The stamps feature 12 of your favourite characters including Batman, Batwoman, Robin, Batgirl, Alfred, Nightwing, The Joker, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and The Riddler.

One of the most exciting official stamp issues to date, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the new stamps here at Collectology and we’re so pleased to finally see them in their stunning presentations!

In fact, we’re so happy with them that the DC range made it onto our Collectology show. If you didn’t manage to catch the DC collectibles show, you can catch the whole thing here >>

So, in celebration of the nation’s love for all things DC, let’s take a look these DC collector pieces just for you…

  1. The COMPLETE First Day of Issue DC Collector’s Edition

Searching for that ultimate collectible piece to celebrate EVERY new DC stamp release? Look no further…

The Complete First Day of Issue DC Collector’s Edition features each of the stamps encapsulated in Kryptonian-hard capsules, ensuring that they will remain in a pristine condition for years to come.

They also feature the official Royal Mail postmark, marking the stamps’ first day of issue, and each capsule comes individually numbered to confirm its place within its individual edition limit!

Together they come delivered to you in a Deluxe Presentation Case with an accompanying Certificate of Authenticity. This really is the ultimate Superhero collector’s item!

But there’s more, this collector’s edition has a maximum presentation number of just 250 worldwide! If we think about the global popularity of DC, I think you can see the problem here. 250 will be gone in a flash.

Click here to find out more about The Complete First Day of Issue DC Collector’s Edition >>

2. Or pick and mix your favourites

The whole collection not your thing? Not to worry, we’ve made sure you can also pick and choose your personal favourite Heroes and Villains with individual stamp capsules! Here’s a sneak peek at a few of my favourites…

You can pick and choose your favourites here >>

3. The DC Heroes Framed Edition

For me personally, being able to show off and enjoy my brand new collectibles with friends and family is the best feeling! That’s why I wanted something for every fan and collector out there – I’ve got you covered. The DC Heroes Framed edition comes ready to hang with pride in your home or office.

This unique limited edition presentation is the perfect way to celebrate everyone’s favourite heroes of the DC universe…

The frame features the Official Royal Mail mini sheet including SIX Justice League DC superhero stamps. But that’s not all, this is paired with SIX BONUS DC character stamps including Batman, Batwoman, Robin, Batgirl, Alfred and Nightwing. The stamp artwork has been exclusively designed by the prestigious Comic artist, Jim Cheung and colourist, Laura Martin.

The stamps are presented on officially licensed artwork and have been postmarked with the first day of issue date. Professionally mounted and framed, each frame has been individually numbered – confirming its place within this unique limited edition presentation. 

Only 995 of these framed presentations featuring the DC stamps have been issued worldwide- a tiny amount when you consider the worldwide popularity of DC.

Secure The DC Heroes Framed Edition for your collection here >>

4. The Limited Edition Superman Action Comics #1 Sculpture

Words aren’t quite enough for this piece, let’s take a look first…

The FIRST in a series of classic superhero comic book covers in the form of a premium pewter sculpture, the experts at Royal Selangor never fail to amaze me.

In 2020, Action Comics #1 became the first to sell at auction for $1million. Now one of the most expensive and coveted comic books of all time, Royal Selangor have paid a unique tribute to a collectable classic with world-class precision and craftsmanship.

Just 800 of these gravity defying superman sculptures have been commissioned worldwide, making this an exceptionally rare piece in the well-established comic market.

We currently have just 2 left for the most refined collections. Click here to be one of just two collectors remaining to secure this Superman Sculpture >>

5. The DC Comics Premium Capsule Boxed Edition

Since the release of Nolan’s Oscar Winning Batman film in the summer of 2008, a year hasn’t gone by without a Superhero film in the cinemas.

Significantly, the stamps were issued in the United States BEFORE that first film and subsequent soaring in the franchise’s popularity, which is why few collectors know about them. Especially here in the UK.

The set features the famous images of some of DC Comics’ best known characters – including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. And just like the complete collector’s edition, this premium US stamps boxed edition features stamps that are encapsulated for years to come, and arrives in a superb deluxe presentation case along with your Certificate of Authenticity.

However, there are just 995 available. If you ask me, that’s not enough to go around!

Click here to beat the crowds and get your hands on your very own set >>

6. The Justice League Batman Coin Note & Collector’s album

The much anticipated Justice League movie was one of the biggest films of 2017 and the inspiration for New Zealand Mint’s series of coin notes.

At the very heart of Justice League stands the masked vigilante. Uniting the world’s greatest heroes to create a formidable force, Batman™ is brought to life on this spectacular collector’s piece.

For me, this is the perfect addition to your collection and here are 5 reasons why…

  • Just 50,000 collections have been issued for release – a remarkably small edition limit when you consider the popularity of Batman™ films, comics and TV shows, and even more so the worldwide fandom for the entire Justice League.
  • The note is made out of 5g of fine silver and uses incredible technology to create a note that is just 0.045mm thick – making it paper thin and flexible.
  • The Caped Crusader is displayed through a combination of engraving and colour printing. The full colour image creates a stunning design that fits perfectly with this unique silver coin note.
  • The obverse features the Queen’s effigy, marking this incredible silver bank note as legal tender.
  • It arrives with an exclusive Collector’s album in a protective hardcover that includes details of the note’s authenticity.

We have extremely limited numbers remaining, so click here now if you’re interested >>

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