How to plan the perfect Platinum Jubilee Street Party: food, drink and decorations edition

On Sunday 5th June 2022, people up and down the country are looking forward to celebrating Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee with widely held street parties.

Jubilee Street Party
Jubilee Street Party. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Achieving 70 years on the throne, Her Majesty has become the longest reigning ruling British monarch, after her unexpected accession in 1952. Whilst in Kenya at the time of her father, King George VI’s, death, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, aged 25, became the first Sovereign in more than 200 years to accede to the throne whilst abroad.

With a lot of people wanting to throw a Platinum Jubilee Street party, some may be concerned about certain aspects of the day’s celebrations, such as the food, drink, and decorations – you know, the important bits!

So, let’s get on with it – times ticking!

Festive Food Options

For food and drink, it’s good to get everyone in the street involved. Of course, you’ll need to be aware of dietary requirements, allergies and intolerances to be on the safe side, so perhaps have these discussions whilst you’re organising who will bring what.

Jubilee themed foods is a must! Why not get creative? Here’s some suggestions

Coronation Chicken

Coronation Chicken is a dish that was originally invented in 1953 by Angela Wood, who was a student at the Cordon Bleu Cookery School.

The recipe which was briefed as “something that had a bit of flavour, but not too much” was by no means as straight forward to create as it is to make. Every day, Mrs Wood cooked an entire chicken, each time altering the balance of spices in the sauce until it was perfect.

Coronation Chicken
Source: BBC Food

The dish was also decided upon because it would be “really easy to serve” and is exactly why, to this day, the cold chicken dish coated in a curried creamy sauce is a party favourite, not only for its convenience but taste as well.

The BBC recipe for Coronation Chicken can be found by clicking here >>

Platinum Jubilee Pudding

A nationwide competition to find a pudding for the Platinum Jubilee launched on 10th January 2022 by Buckingham Palace, Fortnum & Mason and The Big Jubilee Lunch. Recipes from five amateur bakers were selected from nearly 5,000 entries throughout the UK and a pudding fit for Her Majesty’s incredible 70 year reign has been chosen.

The winner? Jemma from Southport who created the delicious Lemon Swiss Roll and Amaretti Trifle.

Platinum Jubilee Pudding
Source: BBC Food

The recipe for this Lemon Swiss Roll and Amaretti Trifle can be found here >>

Fruity Flag Traybake

Who doesn’t love a classic traybake? Simple to make and delicious to eat!

This sponge will get anyone’s mouth-watering. Find the BBC recipe for the Fruity Flag Traybake here >>

Platinum Jubilee Decorations

Decorations for a Street Party shouldn’t be a chore. This once in a lifetime event deserves all the Union Jack accessories you can get your hands on. If your road isn’t a blur of white, red and blue then you aren’t doing it right.

To make it easy, here at Collectology we’ve put together The Platinum Jubilee Party Pack.

The Platinum Jubilee Party Pack
The Platinum Jubilee Party Pack

It includes everything you will need:

  • Union Jack Bunting
  • Union Jack Flag
  • Union Jack Paper Plates X 10
  • Union Jack Paper Cups X 10
  • Union Jack Paper Napkins X 10
  • Union Jack Cocktails Sticks X 10
  • Union Jack Hand-held Flags X 6
  • Platinum Jubilee Mugs X 6
  • Platinum Jubilee Tote Bag

Celebrate in style with this stress-free party pack.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022 Mug
The Platinum Jubilee Party Pack

Watch our Platinum Jubilee Party Pack TikTok here >>


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Let us know in the comments how you will be spending the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday!

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