The Platinum Jubilee collecting frenzy

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, which will be celebrated up and down the country on Sunday 5th June, has sparked a collecting frenzy unseen like no other

An event like this will not be seen again for quite some time! In fact, this once in a lifetime event makes Her Majesty the only ruling British monarch to achieve 70 years on the throne.

I’ve noticed an increasing amount Platinum Jubilee merchandise popping up on the scene, as I’m sure you have too.

Some wackier than others, but all great in their own way. Let’s discuss a few…

Platinum Jubbly Merchandise

What could be more unique than our limited-edition misprinted crockery?”.

This is what Karl Baxter, manager of Wholesale Clearance, said when more than 10,000 items of Platinum Jubilee merchandise, calling it the “Platinum Jubbly”, were sent from China to the UK.

Platinum Jubbly memorabilia
Source: BBC

He also added “this could be your chance to get your hands on a novelty souvenir for a fraction of the price,” whilst promoting a 90% discount offer. I mean, surely you would need such a high saving for the misspelled memorabilia, which was proving to be a challenge for souvenir sellers?

But perhaps the sheer amount of coverage it achieved after word got around of the misprint which says, “the Platinum Jubbly of Queen Elizabeth II”, contributed to the rise in demand and thus selling prices. At the time of writing, only 1 job lot remains of the merchandise on the Wholesale Clearance website, and with a price per item of £8.89, sellers on eBay are offering them up for as much as £90 (a plate and mug sold together)!

Queens platinum jubbly plate & mug from The Original Misspelled Collection 10,800
Snapshot taken from eBay

Baxter says, “Become an Only Fools and Horses fan and wow your friends with your Lovely Jubbly set!” with another spokesman stating, “There’s a market for everything”. But can they be so sure on this one?

Has this misprint intrigued you? I wonder how many other blunders out there have turned into opportunities for collectors!

Platinum Jubilee Barbie

A special Platinum Jubilee Barbie doll sold out within JUST 3 seconds of going on release at the popular retail brand John Lewis.

Platinum Jubilee Barbie Doll
Source: BBC

Cranking up the Platinum Jubilee collecting hype, eBay sellers are now asking for at least double the original price — £95 — with one UK seller even listing the Barbie for £799.99!

eBay listings for the Platinum Jubilee Barbie Doll
Snapshot taken from eBay

Barbie, whose long reign of just over 60 years in the public limelight, is now proving to be more than just a fashion doll. The doll’s face, which has been sculpted to look like The Queen’s, is joined by grey coiffure hair and a tiara sits on top — the design based on the one she wore on her wedding day. A blue riband is pinned onto her ivory gown and miniature medallions are placed perfectly.

An elegant design to mark Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne and as John Lewis have stated on their website “A doll that’s fit for a queen literally”.

Platinum Jubilee Solar Powered Dancing Figure

Designed in the UK, this 2022 Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Limited Special Edition Figure is solar powered — when she’s charged up, she dances and nods her head!

No batteries are required, and it makes a great little desk toy. In fact, I even have my own little “Dancing Queen”. And I’m not going to take her out of the box. She will sit there proudly, even if it means I must dust her occasionally.

These little treasures are selling for ten to eleven pounds on eBay. However, it appears these aren’t the original prices they were listed for. Which makes me wonder out of the three collectibles I’ve spoken about; this is the one to be least prized, which I guess is a given. But monetary value won’t change my view of my little desk buddy.

Platinum Jubilee Solar Powered Dancing Figure
My Platinum Jubilee Solar Powered Dancing Figure

Have you bought any Platinum Jubbly merchandise? Or perhaps you’ve managed to secure yourself the Platinum Jubilee Barbie? Perhaps, you’re like me and have gone with a simple but funny item to mark the event. Let me know in the comments — you may even have something you’ve found and want to share, I would be, of course, delighted to hear.

Happy collecting everyone 😊

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