The UK 2022 Queen’s Reign: Charity and Patronage £5 Coin

The second coin in the NEW Royal Mint Queen’s Reign £5 coin series has been released! In celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee year, this series honours Her Majesty’s life of service. This BRAND NEW coin celebrates her patronage and support of charities, of which she is patron of over 500.

The 2022 Queen’s Reign: Charity and Patronage £5 Coin

Every member of the Royal Family receives hundreds of requests each year from organisations asking for their support, which has resulted in members of the Family limiting their patronages for them to remain manageable. However, The Queen is exempt from this and thus carries the most weight — many were inherited from previous monarchs.

In recognition of her commitments, P. J. Lynch has created a symbolic design, which focuses on Maundy Money, a symbol of service.

What is Maundy money?

The Maundy money tradition originally began in the thirteenth century when the Royal Family started taking part in similar ceremonies to when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, on the day before Good Friday. Wanting to show modesty and understanding, the Royal Family washed the feet of the poor and gave them money.

Source: Wikicommons Media

The ceremony has changed over the years, the reigning monarch no longer washes feet for example, but The Queen continues the tradition of gifting money. Elderly men and women who exemplify Christian service to the Church and the community. The number of people and the number of pence gifted in a white purse both match the monarch’s age.

Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to Wakefield Cathedral in 2005 for the Maundy money ceremony
Source: Wikicommons Media

This service takes place, of course, every Maundy Thursday. For 2023 next year, this is Thursday, 6th April.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s signature

The design also features The Queen’s signature, which is the FIRST TIME EVER we see her signature on UK coinage. This detail unites all three coins in the collection — the first coin, which was released in May, commemorates the honours and investitures Her Majesty has bestowed on individuals for their service. You can secure The 2022 Queen’s Reign: Honours and Investitures £5 Coin by clicking here >>

The 2022 Queen’s Reign: Charity and Patronage £5 Coin Specifications

For you, we have the Brilliant Uncirculated and Silver Proof specifications of the £5 coin available. Interestingly, on the Proof editions, the edge inscription ‘DEVOTED TO YOUR SERVICE’ has been added. This is a special feature, making the Proof editions of this £5 coin even more attractive to collectors.

The UK 2022 Queen’s Reign: Charity and Patronage £5 Coin in BU Pack
The UK 2022 Queen’s Reign: Charity and Patronage Silver Proof £5 Coin in Presentation Box

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