Ozmania still thriving after 80 years!

It’s been over 80 years since The Wizard of Oz was released.
There are thousands of collectables that owe their existence to the movie, but maybe the most thrilling relates to the Dorothy’s (Judy Garland) red ruby slippers. The story of these slippers is worthy of a movie in its own right.

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Wallace and Gromit- Cracking Collectables!

Multi Oscar-winning Wallace and Gromit have certainly made their mark in the world of movie animation.
The Bristol-based Aardman studios are said by movie industry insiders to have grossed £1 billion world-wide. The average box office take per movie is now estimated at £130m.

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Why are collectors snapping up Movie Posters? What are they worth?

Iconic movie posters are recognised as an art form in their own right and we all have our own favourites.
The images stay with us, sometimes for decades, and long after a film has lost attraction.

In the age of Netflix and online movie streaming some say the creative art of the poster is fading rapidly. But this means that original posters are inflating significantly in terms of market value.

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Music Legends 1: Elton John Collectables that hit the high notes!

Rock and pop music has long been an inspiration for collectors. From signed photographs to rare editions of vinyl records, music memorabilia will always remain popular with collectors.

Here is the first of our Music Legends series on rock and pop superstars. Where we are looking into the world of music memorabilia and what coll we collect just for the nostalgia, the love and as a possible future investment

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