REVEALED: The DC Collectibles Range…

Over the last 80 years, DC Comics has become iconic in the world of popular culture. And in celebration of these timeless superheroes, Royal Mail have issued a series of stamps featuring everyone’s favourite DC Comics characters! The stamps feature 12 of your favourite characters including Batman, Batwoman, Robin, Batgirl, Alfred, Nightwing, The Joker, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and…

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REVEALED: The Batman collectable range that you deserve AND need right now!

80 years ago, Batman, made his first comic book appearance. Since then the world’s favourite superhero has gone on to star in his very own Comic Book, countless TV Series, video games and films, winning the hearts of the world with his anti-hero personality and vigilante activities.

Here at Collectology we’re already bursting with the excitement for the next Batman film but as it’s not out until June 2021, we have curated a stunning range of Batman collectables that will help make that time pass a little faster!

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Stand-by for a surge in Spider-Man collectables

With great power comes great responsibility’ – so check that attic ‘responsibly’ for rare ‘Spidey’ valuables among the cobwebs.

One of the biggest movies of the Summer Spider-Man: Far From Home has just had its UK release. A spin-off from all the publicity surrounding this latest film, starring British actor Tom Holland, is a boost in demand for the vast range of Spider-Man collectables.

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REVEALED: The Spider-Man Collectables Range…

Since the 1960’s, Spider-Man has become Marvel’s flagship superhero. From the Amazing Fantasy series in the Silver Age of comic books to the latest MCU Silver Screen release, it is fair to say that Spider-Man has earnt his cult status. Collectology HQ has been alive with talk of all things Spider-Man today with half the…

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Wham! Blam! Happy 80th birthday Batman

It’s hard to believe but Batman is celebrating his 80th birthday. Generations of kids have been brought up on the adventures of the most famous comic book hero of all time. Fans have paid billions of pounds for Batman merchandise. They’ve lapped up the TV series. They have flocked to nine movies handing over £5.7…

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5 Marvel Collectables worth some serious money!

The kudos of owning a rare edition of a Marvel comic or action character made in the seventies has soared since the death of Stan Lee the genius behind the cult of the superhero. Millions of Marvel comics fans round the world felt like they had lost a family friend when Stan Lee, the creator…

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